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Cen-Tec Systems CPB-100 Dual Voltage Hose 30ft Direct Connect

CPB-100 Dual Voltage Hose 30ft Direct Connect


Cen-Tec Systems CPB-XZ
CPB-100 Dual Voltage Hose

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Cen-Tec Systems CPB-100 Dual Voltage Hose
The Centec Systems CPB-XZ 4-wire crushproof electric hose for the CPB-100 power brush lets you control both the power brush and vacuum system for a single 3 position switch. The grip end features a 360° swivel ergonomic handle, thumb operated three-way power switch and notch locking stub. The special notch lock of the CPB hose differs from most other button lock hoses and is designed exclusively for connection to the CPB-100 powerbrush wand. The Centec CPB-100 power brush has been in the central vacuum market for many years and has been available under many brand names including; Cen-tec CPB, Vacuflo Prestige, Royal Prestige, Aggresor Vacuums, and the CPB-XZ also fits some models of: Cyclovac, Riccar Central Vacuum, Simplicity Central Vacuum, Vacumaid Central Vacuum. The CPB-XZ hose is available in standard 30ft lengths or optional 35ft for extra reach when required. All CPB-XZ hoses feature the 1-3/8" inside diameter high performance hose body in silver with black ends.

Centec Systems CPB-100 Power Brush The Centec CPB-XZ hoses is available in the two most common wall ends; Universal Connection and Direct Connection. The Universal connection hose ( also called a "pigtail" or "corded" hose) uses the standard 1.5" cuff with split metal band inserted into the inlet with a 7ft power cord that is connected to an electrical outlet nearby the vacuum inlet to power the CPB-100 powerbrush. The Direct Connect hose (also called "superhose" hose) uses the standard 1.5" cuff with split metal band inserted into the inlet with a special set of pins on the hose to carry power to the hose from Direct Connect type inlets. Direct Connection inlets are often easy to identify by the two small holes just above or below the vacuum opening which are marked "120V" for the voltage.

Choose your preferred hose length and required connection style using the drop-down selector above the add-to-cart button. The CPB-XZ hose will not fit any model powerbrush but the CPB-100 (shown here in black, color may vary). If you require the XZ tear-drop handle hose for a power brush other than the CPB-100 powerbrush, please see the similar items tab above for the standard CEN-XZ hose.

Hose assembly only. Tools, wands, powebrush or attachments not included.
Cen-Tec OEM No.'s: 91278 Direct 30ft, 91443 Universal 30ft, 91289 Direct 35ft, 91454 Universal 35ft.
Vacuflo Prestige Hose OEM No.'s: 8298, 8298-35 (universal) & 8299, 8299-35 (direct connect).


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