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Cen-Tec Systems CVA58
Ultra Purpose Basic CT14 Attachment Kit

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Cen-Tec Systems Ultra Purpose Basic CT14 Attachment Kit
New Ultra Purpose cleaning kits from Centec Systems are designed to meet the unique challenges of cleaning new ultra-soft carpet. This new class of carpet is manufactured by Mowhawk/Karastan in their brand names "Smart Strand" and "Silk". It is also manufactured by Shaw Carpets as their brand "Caress". Ultra-soft carpeting is manufactured for specific retailers brands including "Ultratouch" and others. This style is a rapidly expanding segment of the carpet industry and available in a variety of weights and finishes. Some owners of this carpeting have found that the 70 ounce and heavier versions can be difficult to clean with standard vacuum systems. The ultra-soft texture can present a challenge to pushing the vacuums carpet brush for some home owners. The result of stronger suction performance often found with central cleaning system and the extraordinary density of heavier weight ultra-soft carpeting which allows the carpet nozzle (power brush) to sink into the fibers and the suction to seal-down against the floor.

Achieving proper cleaning on the new ultra-soft carpeting is a function of proper height adjustment capability and a new function of variable airflow. Centec has identified two models of their power nozzle that provide proper height adjustment capabilities for ultra-soft carpeting and developed a steel wand system with variable airflow regulation selectable by the user.

Ultra Purpose with the CT14 powerbrush combines the new AFR wand system with the long historical track record of the CT14 powerbrush, the most widely available powerbrush in the vacuum industry for nearly 30 years. The CT14 is an older design, but it's wide front and rear wheels along with it's step-on height adjustment provide a great solution for thicker carpets in testing performed by the manufacturer.

The new AFR wand system provides variable airflow relief for cleaning high density heavy weight (70+ ounce) ultra soft carpeting. The suction power of most central vacuums is 2x or up to 5x greater than most portable vacuums. This can cause an issue with ultra-soft carpet vacuuming where the suction may seal the vacuum nozzle to the thick carpet. With standard plush carpeting the extra suction of most central vacuum systems is dispersed by the vacuum nozzle without any requirements or actions needed by the vacuum user. For ultra soft carpeting the vacuum user will need to adjust the AFR wand system to alleviate the extra suction not needed by the carpet nozzle for the high density flooring.

The Centec Ultra-Purpose CVS attachment kit allows the vacuum user to select the airflow through the vacuum nozzle for easy cleaning of all carpet and hard floor types. The AFR regulator is simple to set and change while your cleaning without requiring you to stop for adjustments. Easily move from hard floor surfaces to standard plush carpeting, large area rugs and even heavy weight ultra-soft carpeting with quick changes to the AFR wand system. AFR Instruction Manual (795K PDF)

CVA58 Ultra Purpose Features & Specifications

  • CVS Powered Brush Attachment Kit
  • CT14DX Power Brush
    • Dual Brush Roller
    • Geared Belt Drive
    • Safety Reset Switch
    • 1.5A Brush Motor
    • Quick Release Pedal
    • Step on Height Adjustment
  • 3200SG Crushproof Hose
    • Easy Soft Grip Handle
    • 3-Way Power Switch
    • Option: Universal Connect Wall End
    • Option: DIRECT Connect Wall End
    • Lightweight Design
    • Easy to Maneuver
    • 30ft Length Standard
    • 35ft Length Optional
  • AFR Wand System
    • Steel 2pc w/Cord Management
    • Easy Air Flow Relief Adjustment
    • Quick Release Top & Bottom
  • Above Floor Tools:
    • Deluxe Dusting Brush
    • Deluxe Crevice Tool
    • Deluxe Upholstery Nozzle

  • Wand Mount Tool Caddie
  • 12" Hard Floor Brush
  • Steel Telescopic Wand
  • Mesh Caddie Bag
  • Wall Mount Hose Hanger
  • 2 Year Manufacturers Warranty


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