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QD Swivel Clean CT22 Reward Plus Attachment Kit
Cen-Tec Systems® QD Swivel Clean CT22 Reward Plus Attachment Kit
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Aspria CVU938
Basic CVS Garage Cleaning Kit

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Aspria Basic CVS Garage Cleaning Kit
Easier cleaning of your garage & car interior is yet another great reason to own and use a central vacuum system. A central vac is more convenient than a portable vacuum and much stronger than your loud and dusty old shop vacuum with it's clumsy gigantic tools that are hard to use in tight spaces. A good central vacuum utility hose and cleaning tools is the very best way to vacuum up your regular messes in the garage and maintain your auto's interior.

Aspria CVS Basic Garage Cleaning Kit Our new CVU938 Garage Cleaning Kit is great for cleaning surfaces from floor to ceiling in the garage and other areas, and excellent for cleaning automobile interiors. The Garage Cleaning Kit is also great to have at the workbench or just around the house for quick cleanups. A dedicated CVS utility cleaning kit can even save you money by sparing your interior vacuum hose from an untimely demise. Did you know that we replace many CVS electric hoses every year because a car backed over the hose while using the CVS system in the garage? You might also be surprised to find out that most interior electric CVS hoses can cost $150 - $200! Don't let your inside vacuum hose become a victim of "I just need to use the hose in the garage to clean the car real quick" syndrome.

The Aspria CVU938 Garage Cleaning Kit includes a quality 30 foot crushproof swivel grip hose that is lightweight and easy to handle. A crevice nozzle, upholstery tool with slide on cleaning bristles set and a round dusting brush are all included for cleaning most every surface in the garage and beyond. The CVU938 also includes a 12" wide floor nozzle with outboard wheel that is excellent for cleaning debris and dust from a garage floor or driveway. A set of (2) durable styrene extensions wands are included for use with the floor tool and are also excellent for overhead cleaning. An open top mesh tool storage bag is included to hold all of the attachments when not in use and a wall mountable hose hanger will keep your hose off the floor and provide a hanger for the mesh tool caddy to keep your complete garage kit in one place.

Aspria CVS Basic Garage Cleaning Kit The wall cuff is the standard 1.5" central vacuum fitting with metal band to activate your CVS power unit when inserted into a standard inlet. The tool end of the swivel grip hose gives you two full 360° swivel connections. One swivel for the hose body prevents kinks in the hose while cleaning and allows for easy turning when the hose is extended. The second full 360° swivel allows the hose entry angle into the handle to be adjusted for different cleaning task. A sharply curved hand grip is great for vacuuming floors. A long curved hand grip is great when cleaning extended areas overhead. A sideways connected grip is amazingly helpful in tight spaces including the drivers side floor of your car. The adjustable angle connection allows the handle to perform equally well at both regular and utility cleaning. The standard 1.25" tool fitting size will allow you to easily expand the sets cleaning ability with other common vacuum tools. The unique Swivel Grip handle combined with the high TPI (threads per inch) hose body keeps the hose from tangling while in use, providing superior flexibility in and around your vehicles.

Our CVU938 Garage Cleaning Kit gives you the right tools to clean most surfaces from floor to ceiling including auto interiors. The lightweight set comes in all black color and has no metal nozzles to scratch or damage your auto interior. Use an Aspria CVU Series Utility Kit in your garage or workshop and keep your expensive electric hose inside the house!

Sold 1 set each, Black Color. Includes 30ft hose with handle and cuff, crevice nozzle, upholstery nozzle w/slide on brush, dusting brush, 12" floor brush, (2) plastic extension wands, mesh tool storage bag and wall mountable hose hanger (screws not included).


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