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QD Swivel Clean CT22 Reward Plus Attachment Kit
Cen-Tec Systems® QD Swivel Clean CT22 Reward Plus Attachment Kit
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WallyFlex Automatic CVS Auxiliary Hose System

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Cyclovac WallyFlex Automatic CVS Auxiliary Hose System
Meet Wally, your new butler. The WallyFlex is an innovative auxiliary hose for central vacuum systems. Clean efficiently with one hand, in just one second! It is easy to use, practical and very nice-looking. WallyFlex is always there when you need it. Perfect to quickly clean the dryer lint filter, remove mud from the entryway or easily vacuum hair and make-up powder from bathroom countertops. Ideal for cleaning any dry mess in the kitchen and pantry. WallyFlex is simple to install and can easily be added to most existing systems. WallyFlex connects with any universal inlet mounting plate and installs like a regular inlet valve. WallyFlex is an innovative cleaning system that is simple to install & use, high build quality and function & amazingly affordable.

WallyFlex Central Vacuum Hose System from Cyclovac The need for cleaning convenience was evident with the millions of rechargeable wall-mount hand vacuums sold every year in the US. Consumers demand a more convenient system for cleaning their homes. As a result more of us are moving to central vacuum cleaning for the performance, filtration and ease of use. Our busy lives have changed when and how we clean. WallyFlex fits perfectly with an always ready fast spot-cleaning design. Clean the areas that need it, when they need it, quickly and easily. WallyFlex is the ultimate area quick-cleaning device for central vacuums and stands out from the new crowd of "hose management" and "hose storage" systems. WallyFlex is an innovative solution that combines performance and convenience for quick cleaning on site without the need to retrieve equipment or wrangle storage when your done.

WallyFlex Central Vacuum Hose System from Cyclovac WallyFlex was named VDTA's 2011 New Product of the Year for it's clever design and unique operation. We like WallyFlex for it's simple design, reliable operation and sensible pricing. To use a WallyFlex you grab the hose end, pull it to the spot that needs cleaning - up to 13ft (4 meters) & return hose to cradle when finished. Best of all WallyFlex gives you the full performance of your central vacuum power unit with hundreds of times the cleaning power of a hand vacuum and 100% perfect filtration.

The WallyFlex design is ingeniously simple. Starting with installation that does not require special tube or fittings, only a common inlet mounting plate. They system can be mounted to a wall or in a closet or cabinet to conceal it. Standard installation mounting is approximately 48" from the floor or about the height of most light switches, though it may be mounted as low as 30" from the floor. Each WallyFlex includes three main components: mounting plate, valve and hose. As set of screws is included to connect the inlet mounting plate to the central vacuum mounting bracket.

WallyFlex Central Vacuum Hose System from Cyclovac The valve assembly connects with the mounting plate and the low voltage wires are connected to the switch. Connect the removable stretch hose which twist-locks into place and you are done. WallyFlex lets you easy activate your vacuum system when you grab the hose with a flip out switch. Instead of a trouble prone switch component, WallyFlex uses a simple wire contactor to signal your vacuum system.

The WallyFlex hose is highly compressive with a 4:1 stretch ratio, wire reinforced and a full 360° cleaning end. The smart simple design uses no latches or buttons to secure the hose at the valve but instead uses ultra strong rare earth magnets to lock the hose in place while not in use. The end of the hose is sealed closed while stored in the WallyFlex valve with closed cell foam mounted under an open cell foam spring cushion. The seal prevents airflow from escaping your vacuum system while using other inlets without the need for a tight friction fit or external cap.

The WallyFlex system can be used in every room. It's most popular uses are in high traffic areas like a mudroom, utility space, kitchen or entry. The stretch hose with cleaning end is also great for the workbench or production area where access to quick cleaning with minimal storage is needed. WallyFlex does not require vacuum tools to quickly clean dry soils like potting soil, chunks of mud, breakfast cereal, sawdust, pet hair, sewing threads or other debris however the universal cleaning end fits all standard vacuum tools and wands for use with your favourite cleaning implement.

WallyFlex Central Vacuum Hose System from Cyclovac The WallyFlex central vacuum hose system allows you to clean where you want when you want. Easy to install in new or existing homes WallyFlex is reliable to use with a simple design. The WallyFlex is white in color and reaches up to 13 feet with a highly compressive wire reinforced vinyl hose that is durable and easy to stretch. WallyFlex is manufactured by ITL, makers of CycloVac cleaning systems and includes a 1 year manufacturers domestic use warranty. WallyFlex hose systems can easily be roughed-in with a standard (backside) inlet mounting plate. Each WallyVac kit includes: (front side) mounting bracket, valve with switch, stretch hose, (6) mounting screws and owners/install manual.

WallyFlex Owners-Install Manual [2.1M]


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