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QD Swivel Clean CT22 Reward Plus Attachment Kit
Cen-Tec Systems® QD Swivel Clean CT22 Reward Plus Attachment Kit
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Hide-A-Hose 30ft Install Rough-In Kit


Eco Pro EP61013
Air Drive Compact Hand Brush

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Eco Pro Air Drive Compact Hand Brush
Air drive cleaning tools help you clean more efficiently in smaller areas including furniture, stairs, auto interiors and pet beds - any textile surface which needs deep cleaning but can not be reached with the powered carpet nozzle. The Air Drive nozzle fits all standard central vacuum hose handles, and many portable vacuum which use the 1.25" tool connection standard. Powered by the airflow of your vacuum cleaner, Air Drive Compact nozzles work particularly well with the higher airflow generated by most central cleaning systems. A non-slip geared belt powered the spinning brush roller which loosens clingy and stubborn debris including pet hair and lint that is hard to vacuum with regular upholstery tools using suction alone.

Eco Pro Air Dirve Compact Hand Brush The Air Drive Compact turbine powered hand brush with it's clear top housing and bright green bristles is often labeled the "Power Paw" in reference to one of it's most popular functions - cleaning pet hair from furniture. The Compact model measures just 6.5 inches long and 4.5 inches wide which allows it to fit and maneuver into tighter spots than the larger turbo tools. At just over 2.5 inches tall the Air Drive Compact can fit into and under small areas which need cleaning and can be hard to reach.

In addition to it's smaller size the Air Drive Compact has two unique features to enhance cleaning on multiple surfaces. On carpeting with loose pile the Air Drive Compact's soft knobby teeth help to separate the fibers for brushing and provide a groomed appearance. On smooth textiles like microfiber fabric the knobby teeth plate can be removed for a smooth bottom plate and more brushing action against the surface. The snap-on shoe plate it easy to remove and attach when needed.

Eco Pro Air Dirve Compact Hand Brush The Air Drive Compact also features a supplemental airflow intake mounted on top of the nozzle. When cleaning against loose flat surfaces many turbine drive nozzle will stop rotating as the airflow through the tool which also drives the brush is cut off by the surface being cleaned. To keep the brush roller spinning the Air Drive Compact nozzle lets airflow enter the system from the top of the nozzle info the brush roller chamber when the airflow path under the nozzle is restricted. Better brushing performance on all surfaces gives you faster cleaning, especially on plush pet bedding. The Air Drive Compact nozzle is made from a durable polycarbonate housing with soft nylon bristles and a fiberglass reinforced cogged belt drive.

Sold 1 each, black base with clear hood and green color nylon bristles. Fits standard 1.25" hose handles and wands.


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