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Eco Pro EP61014
Air Drive Deluxe Cleaning Nozzle

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Eco Pro Air Drive Deluxe Cleaning Nozzle
Air Drive Deluxe cleaning nozzles use the power of your central vacuum to drive a brush roller which sweeps and agitates the surface for better deep cleaning and faster surface cleaning. Air Drive nozzles are excellent for carpeted areas including stair treads and risers, automotive interiors and others carpeted areas that need cleaning but are not reachable with a full size powered floor brush. Air Drive nozzles are equally as helpful cleaning any fabric covered item including sofas and chairs, mattresses and pet beds. Air Drive nozzles quickly brush clingy lint, threads and pet hair while gently agitating heavier soils which brings them to the surface to be removed. The Air Drive nozzle features a full six inch cleaning path and 360° swivel connector for use with any central vacuum using 1.25" friction fit tools.

Eco Pro Air Drive Deluxe Cleaning Nozzle

The Air Drive Deluxe cleaning nozzle uses a swivel shoe plate that keep the spinning brush in constant contact with the surface for proper agitation and airflow. The swivel shoe lets you vacuum uneven and non-flat surfaces without requiring constant monitoring of the brush angle while you clean. The swivel shoe plate also lets the Air Drive Deluxe nozzle clean in forward and reverse directions equally well and provides excellent cleaning at the side of the nozzle.

The Air Drive Deluxe nozzles swivel hose connector also helps to clean uneven surfaces and tight spaces by allowing adjustment of the handle position. Keep the handle straight for more leverage, turn the handle to lay flat against the surface for small areas like those found in the drivers side floorboard areas of a car. The swivel connector fits by friction fit and connects standard hoses and wands, including those with button locking connections.

The Air Drive Deluxe includes an easy access drive system with a single push button to reach the interior. The brush roller, geared belt and turbine are accessible for easy maintenance and regular cleaning to keep the Air Drive Deluxe performing at peek efficiency. Any oversized items accidently pulled into the nozzle are easily removable on the fly without the need for tools.

Eco Pro Air Drive Deluxe Cleaning Nozzle

A dedicated channel inside the Air Drive Deluxe nozzle houses the belt which travels from the turbine to the brush roller protected from debris in the cleaning chamber. The geared belt is reinforced and designed to last the life of the nozzle without replacement in normal use. The turbine rides on a long wearing metal axel and bushings and can be removed to clean fine dust which may collect on the 24 blade turbine.

Sold elsewhere as "Deluxe TurboPro", the Eco Pro Air Drive Deluxe central vacuum cleaning nozzle is an excellent upgrade from the suction-only upholstery nozzle that is standard in most attachment sets. Faster surface cleaning, better deep cleaning and excellent pet hair & lint removal is why the Air Drive Deluxe is one of the most popular accessories for central vacuum users.

Sold 1 each, black color. Fits standard 1.25" (32mm) vacuum hoses and wands.


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