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Eco Pro EP14121
Microfiber Dust Mop Floor Nozzle

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Eco Pro Microfiber Dust Mop Floor Nozzle
As our homes have increasingly more hard floor surfaces better hard floor vacuum nozzles have become very popular. The Dry Mop Floor Nozzle attachment set started a revolution in floor tools when it was introduced to the market. The Dry Mop Floor Nozzle has quickly become one of the most desired add-on attachments of existing and new central vacuum users. It's a "dry dust-mop" in a vacuum tool that captures and removes dust and small debris from all those hard to reach places while simultaneously polishing floors with an innovative fringe design. The Dry Mop Floor Nozzle features a cut-away front to let the dirt into the large nozzle orifice where the airflow can carry it away to the collection bin.

Eco Pro MicroFiber Dry Mop Floor Nozzle The Dry Mop Floor Nozzle combined with suction of your vacuum system provides excellent cleaning results on hard floors of all types, particularly those that will also benefit from polish action of the mop fringe. Hardwood and honed/polished stone floors will show a brighter finish when cleaned over standard vacuuming with a brush, as will all smooth hard floors including tile, laminate and polished concrete. The Dry Mop Floor Nozzle also cleans where no regular floor brush can. The fringe of the floor nozzle easily cleans against the baseboards pulling dust and debris down from above floor level and out from the corners.

The Dry Mop Floor Nozzle was recently updated with a new innovative MicroFiber fringe cleaning pad. Adding the power of MicroFiber has increased spot removal effectiveness and overall efficiency. The exclusive fringe design works more effectively with the vacuum system, provides much more surface contact than a flat pad and still provides open space for airflow to remove debris collected by the nozzle. The new MicroFiber fringe also works great with spray cleaning using a small amount of your favourite neutral floor cleaner in a damp-mop method to pick up sticky messes and add a streak-free shine to your floor. When the MicroFiber mop head becomes laden with dirt and soil that is not pulled into the vacuum, cleaning the mop head is easy.

The fringed MicroFiber mop head can be removed from the vacuum nozzle by simply pulling the Velcro attached mophead from the base and giving it a gentle wash. It couldn't be easier or faster to maintain the MicroFiber Dry Dust Mop which makes cleaning your hard floors faster than before. And the reusable design offers you a money saving green alternative to disposable floor wipes. Each MicroFiber pad is good for hundreds of washings and thousands of uses.

Standard fitting 1.25" swivel connector attaches to friction and button locking wands of all central vacuum systems. An optional 35mm wand adapter is available for use with imported portable vacuums including Miele, Lindhaus, BOSCH and Sebo - see accessories tab to order adapter.

Sold 1 each, black nozzle with MicroFiber fringe.


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