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Cen-Tec Systems®
QD Swivel Clean CT22 Reward Plus Attachment Kit
Cen-Tec Systems® QD Swivel Clean CT22 Reward Plus Attachment Kit
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Cen-Tec Systems QD Swivel Clean CT22 Reward Plus Attachment Kit

QD Swivel Clean CT22 Reward Plus Attachment Kit


Eureka ECV5500
ZUUM Z-Series IV Power Unit

MSRP $770.00

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Eureka ZUUM Z-Series IV Power Unit
The Eureka Zuum Z-series is the next generation of central vacuum systems that combines powerful, easy cleaning with a sleek European design. Each of the five models in the Eureka Zuum Z-series boasts a variety of unique advanced features. Some models include a sealed HEPA filtration unit for improved air quality, integrated sound suppression for minimized noise, interactive LED panels and an LCD screen that monitors the Z-series internal workings and provides performance measurement. Eureka starts the development of all their products in the same way, by looking at the needs of people who are going to use them. Eureka has a Z-series ZUUM vacuum for most every home from small to large and from quiet to busy.

HE Motor Technology Long lasting, high-performance and smart-designed, HE Motor Technology by Electrolux is at the heart of products you can count on today and into the future. HE Motor Technology ensures motors are built using innovative materials and are designed to generate less waste. We have included integrated housing compartments and sound suppression to make HE Motors quieter. Lower rotating mass within the fan ensures the motors are compact and efficient. These motors feature top quality ball-bearings and dynamic-balancing to lessen noise, vibration and wear. The result? HE Motors last longer.

We are using flow-through motor technology to ensure our HE Motors perform better. The efficient design combines the best of both worlds – more power generation while remaining compact! The secret? The flow-through technology converts more input power (electricity) into cleaning power (air watts). In the end, you have the advantage of superior performance! You'll enjoy peace of mind with HE Motors from Electrolux. In fact, they are engineered to last up to four times longer than the average competitive product! Plus, they are backed by one of the longest warranties in the industry. Clearly the right choice for performance – and the right choice for worry free cleaning.

The Eureka Zuum Z-series line provides the high-quality clean and innovative design that consumers have come to expect from modern central vacuum systems. Electrolux Home Care Products (Eureka's parent company) was awarded the prestigious GOOD DESIGN™ Award for the Eureka Zuum Z-series Central Vacuum System. The GOOD DESIGN™ Awards are granted to designers and manufacturers around the world for setting the highest standards for the best, most advanced product designs. The unique ZUUM Z-series central vacuum power units bring together performance and style in a practical way that helps clean your home and the air in your home for your family. With five different models in the Eureka Zuum Z-series, homeowners can choose the unit specifically designed to suit their personal cleaning needs.

  • Central Vacuum Power Unit
  • Upto 10,000 sqft Cleaning (Mfg. Sug)
  • HE Series 120V Motor 14.6A MAX
    • Thru-Flo 5.1" VEX Single Stage
    • 125 Cubic Feet / Minute Airflow
    • 117 Inches / Water Lift Suction
    • 640 Max Air Watts
  • Electrolux Control System
  • Full LCD User Interface
  • LED Service Indicator
  • LED Power Indicator
  • LED Collection Bin Status Indicator
  • LED Collection Bin Reset Button
  • Detachable 6ft Power Cord
  • Voltage & Thermal Overload Protection
  • Manual Override On Switch
  • Bagless and Bagged Collection Option
  • 6.3 Gallon Bin Capacity
  • Clear Window Collection Bin
  • Quick-Lock Bin Connection
  • Self Regulating Permanent Filter
  • Triumph HEPA Filter Material
  • Hygienic Disposable Bag System Optional
  • Internal Sound Muffler
  • Motor Pod Sound Suppression
  • Low Noise 66dba Operation
  • Self-Venting or Exterior Exhaust
  • Top-Side Exhaust (Vent UP)
  • Bidirectional Intake System (left or right)
  • Slide-In Mounting Plate w/screws
  • 100% Resin Chassis
  • Built-in Scratch Resistant Color
  • Black & Silver Color
  • 18.3lbs Total Weight
  • 38.2" High, 14.5" Diameter
  • Manufacturers Parts & Labor Warranty
    • 10 Years Complete Power Unit
    • Limited Lifetime Structure
    • For Domestic Residential Use
    • Vacdepot, Electrolux Eureka Authorized Dealer

Download Zuum Z-Series Brocuhre
Download Zuum Z-Series Owners Manual

Tested, Inspected & Guaranteed. Tested, Inspected & Guaranteed. Vacdepot is the only fully stocked central vacuum dealer online which inspects and tests all power units before shipping. Vacdepot ships all orders directly from our own warehouse, we do not drop-ship our customers orders. All central vacuum power units ordered from Vacdepot online are thoroughly inspected before shipment. Vacdepot investigates all units for manufacturing defects and confirms all included components like cords, brackets and manuals are included. Each vacuum unit is connected to a testing station to check operation, confirm the low-voltage signal and activate the suction motor to check seals. Vacdepot test the vacuums power consumption, measures the vacuum motors suction capacity and meters the airflow to confirm normal operation. After successful testing and inspection the power unit is repackaged with Vacdepot's enhanced performance pak for secure shipping to guarantee delivery without damage.

Anyone offering central vacuums online can claim to be an expert, but the standard must be higher than sticking a shipping label on a box and hoping for the best. Only Vacdepot with nearly two decades of online shipping know-how and five decades of vacuum industry experience provides this unique service for its customers on every power unit, because only Vacdepot can.


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