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Cen-Tec Systems® Centec XZ Tear-Drop Handle Hose 30ft
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Hide-A-Hose 30ft Install Rough-In Kit

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CVS-I Hide-A-Hose 30ft Install Rough-In Kit
The CVS-I Hide-A-Hose 30ft rough-in installation kit includes the fittings, wire and vacuum tube along with the special Hide-A-Hose mounting plate and unique long-radius elbow fittings required to do a rough-in installation for a single 30 foot length Hide-A-Hose station in a central vacuum system. The HAH-IK30 includes the Hide-A-Hose mounting plate and Hide-A-Hose elbows along with the other standard vacuum system components used for rough-in installation. Order one HAH-IK30 for every 30ft hide-a-hose station you intend to install in your home. You can order multiple HAH-IK30 kits as needed, which can be mixed with other lengths of Hide-A-Hose inlet kits including from 30 to 60 feet in length. HAH-IK30 does not include the vacuum hose, Hide-A-Hose finish inlet or any other part of the completed system, only the rough-in installation materials to add one Hide-A-Hose inlet station for use with a 30ft hose to your system.

Hide-A-Hose systems use standard vacuum tubing with special long radius elbows to create a hose-track section of tubing which stores the vacuum hose when not in use. The special elbows allows the hose to easily recover into the hose-track tube system. Hide-A-Hose elbows are made in three turn sizes: 90 degrees, 45 degrees and 22.5 degrees. With most pre-packaged Hide-A_Hose installation kits you have no choice in the selection of Hide-A-Hose elbows included, a critical part of the complete installation that can vary at each jobsite.

At Vacdepot each Hide-A-Hose rough-in installation kit is available with an option of four (4) Hide-A-Hose elbow kitting configurations listed below which include differing numbers of the three Hide-A-Hose elbows. The Hide-A-Hose elbow options allow you to customize your Hide-A-Hose inlet rough-in kit to your specific application. You can select the same HAH elbow options for each rough-in kit, or select a different option for each rough-in. The default "A" option is our most common and great for most applications, but please select the configuration of elbows best for your job. Standard vacuum tube elbows are not used in the Hide-A-Hose hose-track and are not included in the HAH-IK30, but are included in the add-on Main Trunk options.

CVS/I HAH-IK30 Rough-in Kit Includes

  • HAH3000R Mounting Plate w/Plaster Guard
  • 34.4 ft. 2" PVC Vacuum Tubing
  • 25 ft. Low Voltage Wire
  • (6) Stop Couplings
  • (6) 11" Cable Ties
  • (12) Pipe Straps

  • HAH Rough-In Kits do not include main trunk components, finish inlets, hoses or cleaning tools.
  • HAH Elbow Selection Options:
  • Option A: (2) 90° Elbows, (2) 45° Elbows
  • Option B: (2) 90° Elbows, (3) 22.5° Elbows
  • Option C: (1) 90° Elbow, (2) 45° Elbows, (2) 22.5° Elbows
  • Option D: (1) 90° Elbow, (1) 45° Elbow, (3) 22.5° Elbows


Main Trunk Options
The HAH-IK30 kit includes only the amount of tube, wire and fittings to add a 30ft HAH (Hide-A-Hose) to a vacuum system. The HAH-IK30 kit does not include the main trunk of the system which are the components that connect the vacuum power unit (mounted in your garage or basement) to your HAH inlet rough-in. HAH inlet rough-in kits also do not include any of the required components to add additional vacuum inlets such as utility inlets or sweep style inlets which are often installed in other parts of your home. The Main Trunk Options let you add the main trunk line to your HAH inlet kit in either a 50ft length or 100ft length. Standard HAH systems use only one trunk line per system - not per inlet. To add a single main trunk line to your multiple inlet kit order select the length option you need (50ft or 100ft main trunk) and add to cart. For additional HAH inlet kits select the "no main trunk" option and add to cart the quantity needed - you will only need one main trunk line per system.


  • 49.15 ft. 2" PVC Vacuum Tubing
  • 50 ft. Low Voltage Wire
  • (10) 11" Cable Ties
  • 1 Can of PVC Cement
  • Install Manual/Video CD-ROM
  • All Fittings ASTM-2158 - IAPMO/UMC
  • (4)   45° Elbows
  • (3)   90° Sweep Elbows
  • (1)   90° Sweep Tee
  • (10) Stop Couplings
  • (10) Pipe Straps

  • HAH Fittings, Inlets & Components Sold Separately


  • 98.3 ft. 2" PVC Vacuum Tubing
  • 100 ft. Low Voltage Wire
  • (20) 11" Cable Ties
  • 1 Can of PVC Cement
  • Install Manual/Video CD-ROM
  • All Fittings ASTM-2158 - IAPMO/UMC
  • (6)   45° Elbows
  • (6)   90° Sweep Elbows
  • (2)   90° Sweep Tee
  • (20) Stop Couplings
  • (20) Pipe Straps

  • HAH Fittings, Inlets & Components Sold Separately

HAH-IK rough-in kits do not include the HAH4000 finish inlet valve or vacuum cleaning hose. The finish valve and hose are not required for rough-in installation and are sold separately. We will always try to cut wire in one continuous length for multi-valve kits, however due to limitations your wire may arrive in two rolls.

More CVS-I HAH-IK30 information is available in our ProView detailed professional review.


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