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Lindhaus PB14PRO
14" Commercial Power Nozzle

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Lindhaus 14
Lindhaus PB-PRO 14" commercial electric power nozzle for use with central vacuum accessory kits, backpack vacuums and some canister vacuum cleaners. The PB14 PRO can be adapted to many applications that use a standard 1.25" (32MM) button lock wand connection. Includes 40" 2 wire mini pin cord to fit most electric hoses connections and most cord management wand sets. The PB Series Lindhaus power nozzles work great with the Myraton MYR6746 button lock telescopic stainless steel wand for use with cord management hoses with flush connectors including Plastiflex gas-pump and pistol grip styles.

The most respected power brush in the floorcare industry, the Lindhaus PB Series Powered Nozzle has earned its place with a reputation of reliability and performance. The PB14 PRO is the same commercial nozzles used on the Lindhaus RX series commercial upright vacuum which is employed in commercial service work all around the world. The PB Series is well suited to cleaning carpeting of all types and includes commercial duty upgrades from the standard PB nozzles which are important in applications where the nozzle is used daily or where it is used for long periods of time, sometimes many hours per day. The Lindhaus PB series power nozzle uses the geared belt drive system for unsurpassed deep cleaning performance on carpeted floors. Upgrades from the standard PB14 include side entry roller for service in the field, baseboard side roller and stainless steel shoe for the roller intake to extend baseplate wear.

Lindhaus PB14 PRO The Lindhaus PB-PRO power nozzle uses the geared drive system for unsurpassed performance. Geared belt drive systems offer unsurpassed cleaning performance for carpeted floors. If geared belt drive is so superior to flat belts, why does not every vacuum use a geared belt? This is a great question; the answer is that the ability to drive a brush at 5,000 RPM is a complicated procedure. First, you must balance the rotating brush to such a high degree that special equipment is required to do so. Otherwise an inferior quality brush would become damaged by the additional stress placed upon it rotating at such a high speed. Other parts must also be able to work within these tolerances, such as the bristles, bearings, pulleys and belt.

Lindhaus PB14 PRO Most all domestic vacuums use a single flat or round belt. This low-tech approach is cheap to manufacture, and adds more consumables to the vacuum (after sales service). When using a conventional vacuum, the moment the brush touches the flooring, slippage occurs. After 10 -15 hours of use, the heat and wear on the belt has weakened it and belt slippage increases; up to 50% of the rotational speed is lost.

Remember again, Faster is better. The geared belt drive also provides an additional benefit that is not found in most flat belt nozzles; excellent edge cleaning on both side of the brush. Thanks to the narrow width of the geared belt the bristles at the end of the brush are closer to the edge than regular power nozzles.

Lindhaus PB14 PRO The geared belt of the PB-PRO (shown above colored red) is synthetic, made of neoprene and is fiberglass reinforced. Rubber is not needed because the belt does not stretch into place or require tension to spin the roller. The PB-PRO belt does not stretch out and does not require replacement like standard flat belts and is warranted for 3 years, and will last much, much longer. The bearings are sealed true commercial precision bearings, not the usual throw away bearings as used in most domestic vacuums.

The bearings are matched by the manufacturer for the speed and load of the application. The bearing holders are also unique to the PB-PRO and are made from cast aluminum. Most power nozzles use plastic end caps to hold the brush which mount into a plastic base. The problem is that most times the end of the roller will become tangled in threads, hair and carpet fibers which become heated by friction then melt the end of the roller and the base of the nozzle.

Lindhaus PB14 PRO The PB-PRO end caps are made from cast aluminum and use o-rings to seal dirt, dust and threads away from the bearings which prevent damage to the brush roll and base structure. To reduce noise and vibration large rubber caps cover the brush bearings so the transfer of power from motor to brush is smooth and quiet.

The bristles on the brush roller of the PB-PRO are also commercial quality. The bristles are rated at 600 hours of use before failure. That's 6 - 10 times the life expectancy of domestic brushes. Considering that the brush roll is the only wear item of the PB-PRO you can see the low cost of maintenance for the PB-PRO. Other quality Power Brush features include convergent bristles, which means two rows of brushes are always touching the floor at one time, pulling everything to the center. The funnel shaped, center mounted brush nozzle intake with a geared belt is also unique to the PB-PRO.

Lindhaus PB14 PRO The PB-PRO uses an electronic logic circuit that monitors the brush speed, constantly checking thousands of times per second for a possible overload. On most domestic vacuums this is not required, the brush simply does not spin fast enough, nor is there any direct drive on a flat belt system. This same logic circuit also alerts you via LED lights on the power nozzle when the brush is set too low. No more guessing if the vacuum is adjusted correctly, no more wondering if it is time to replace the belt.

How many times have you inadvertently vacuumed up a throw rug or article of clothing? In a normal vacuum, you at least break a belt, and possibly burn out the motor. With the logic circuit in the PB-PRO, the brush stops and signals the user with a red light. This allows you to unplug the machine and remove the object from the nozzle before damage can be done. Plugging the power brush back in automatically resets the circuit and you're ready to clean again.

Lindhaus PB14 PRO The nozzle connector of the PB-PRO is a double swivel that articulates both up and down, and side to side for complete control. The button locking connector fits a standard 32mm button lock wand for a positive locking connection and uses a release pedal to recline the nozzle into a cleaning position. The front and belt side of the nozzle are wrapped with a non-marring furniture guard to prevent damaging walls and baseboards and the beltless edge cleaning side features baseboard rollers. Only found on the PB-PRO the baseboard rollers are made from nylon and vertically mounted in a metal housing. When cleaning against a wall or cabinet the rollers help the nozzle to glide down the wall providing excellent edge cleaning without snagging.

Lindhaus PB14 PRO All four wheels of the PB-PRO are covered with a soft vinyl tire which protects the floor and provides excellent tracing on floors of all types. All four wheels are mounted on metal axels that provide for extended usage and wear resistance over the more common plastic wheel mounts. The PB-PRO cleaning shoe (opening for the brush) was also redesigned from the domestic power brush and is covered with stainless steel plates and carpet protectors. The stainless steel plates prevent damage to the bottom of the nozzle that is common with high or rough usage. Standard power brushes use plastic bottom plates that can become damaged when banged into heavy furniture or dragged over door thresholds.

Lindhaus PB14 PRO Another feature exclusive to the PB-PRO is the side entry brush roller. In other power brushes the complete nozzle must be disassembled to remove the brush roller from the housing for service or replacement. The PB-PRO's unique side entry roller housing features a removable door that slides off the nozzle and allows you to remove the roller from the nozzle without the use of any tools and without taking apart the nozzle base. This exclusive feature allows cleaning crews to service the PB-PRO in the field, on the job without having to return to a service center for cleaning or maintenance.

Lindhaus PB14 PRO Yet another feature exclusive to the PB-PRO is the filter door with removable and washable foam filter. The filter is mounted on the back of the nozzle housing and protects the brush motor by filtering the air that is pulled into the nozzle for cooling.

Internal features of the PB-PRO include a cushioned motor mount for less noise and vibration, solid state circuit board, steel wear plates in the pivoting nozzle connector and a micro switch that automatically shut down the power brush when the handle is locked in the upright position. Despite it's impressive feature set using the PB-PRO is simple for anyone.

You need only connect the PB-PRO to a cleaning wand and plug it in. The carpet height adjustment is designed to clean 90% of carpet types set in the middle of its range and will require no further adjustment. Lindhaus PB14 PRO The brush indicators will monitor the nozzle while in use with a green light and alert you to any problems with a red light. The PB-PRO is designed for high usage and built to take the rough use of service work. Perfectly suited to cleaning large offices or commercial buildings, restaurants and other areas with large carpeted floor spaces. The PB-PRO is equally well suited to cleaning the average home and will perform reliably for many years.

Includes (1) Lindhaus PB14 PRO Power Brush.
Wands, hoses or tools are not included.


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