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Universal Button Lock Low-Volt Hose 40ft
MVAC® Universal Button Lock Low-Volt Hose 40ft
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Dustcare Dust Care by Electrolux PU275 Bagless Power Unit

Dust Care by Electrolux PU275 Bagless Power Unit


Myraton MYR4747
Chrome Steel Telescopic Wessel-Werk Power Wand

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Myraton Chrome Steel Telescopic Wessel-Werk Power Wand
The external corded wand has been replaced with the new MYR6777WW Integrated Telescoping Stainless Steel Wand. The new integrated wand fits both hose and power nozzle the same as the corded unit, and includes upgraded cord management & hose release button.

Strong, reliable and easy to use. Myraton 1¼" diameter telescopic chrome steel wands expand to 38½ inches in length, the reach of regular two piece wand sets in one convenient tool. Push button extension and retraction glides to position in one inch increments with a fully collapsed length of 24¾ inches. Durable pierce & pin locking system is reliable with extended life offering years of trouble free service.

Steel Telescopic Vacuum Cleaner Wand, Myraton Myratons telescopic wand is a button lock power cord wand for use with the Wessel-Werk EBK340 and EBK360. A double quick disconnect wand with attached power cord connects with flush mount power hoses including the Plastiflex gas-pump, pistol grip and dolphin type handles and Centec brand 3200 hoses with flush mount receptacle. The hose end of the wand (top) is button locking 1¼" with the button hole centered 1.3 inches from the top of the wand. The button hole is covered with the Easy-Tab thumb saver which provides easy depression of the locking pin when disconnecting the wand from the hose. A button deflector is formed into the top of the wand that guides the button into the locking position. A cord management connector is mounted to the back of the wand top. The cord management connector holds the included powerbrush cord for quick disconnection.

The tool end is 1¼" male button locking with a riveted steel locking pin centered 1.1 inches from the end of the wand. Designed for use with the Wessel-Werk EBK340 or EBK360 powerbrush with quick disconnect swivel connector on the powebrush. Replaces wands with double quick disconnect used in Aspria Premium CV kits, Airvac VM4200 & VM2200 CV kits, Beam Serenity CV kits, Aspria Premium powerbrush backpack vacuums, Vacuflo Edge powerhead kits, Powerstar PowerMaxx Kits, Cyclovac Super Deluxe CV Kits, Canavac Ultra Pack CV kits and others. Direct replacement for BEAM part# 155236, Airvac part# VMTC and Vacuflo part# 8300-01. Does not fit other brands of powerbrush or power hoses without flush mount power connector. Two rubber cord holders are installed which keep the included power cord in place, close to the wand to prevent it from catching on furniture while cleaning.

All Myraton wands use the industry standard 1¼" (32mm) tapered connection which fits all domestic central vacuums, residential fitted backpack vacuums and most domestic portable vacuums. The tool end is tapered to fit inside 1¼" vacuum tools while the hose end measures 1¼ inches and tapers down to connect with the vacuum hose and prevent air leakage.

Other wand configurations are available from Myraton including MYR6748 friction/friction connection , MYR6745 button/friction, and MYR6746 button/button universal powerbrush wand with cord management connector. All Inox Class 6700 series wands are stainless steel with telescopic extension fitting 1¼" (32mm) vacuum systems.

Stainless Steel Telescopic Vacuum Cleaner Wand, Myraton
  • Chrome Steel Construction
  • Strong and Durable
  • 1¼" Button Lock Wessel-Werk Connection
  • 1¼" Button Lock Hose Connection w/Cord Mgmt
  • 38½" Fully Extended Length
  • 24¾" Fully Collapsed Length

Sold 1 each. Complete wand assembly for Wessel power nozzles and flush mount hoses.


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