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PlastiFlex CVEHB12535
35ft Dual Volt Power Hose Black

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PlastiFlex 35ft Dual Volt Power Hose Black


Model CVEHB12535 Specification
Body Color: Black
Grip Color: Black
Hose Length: 35 feet (10.5 meters) -Not Including Ends
Hose Body Diameter: 1-1/4" ID
Tool Connection: 1.25" Button Lock
Wall Connection: 1.5"
Connect Option: Universal Corded (pigtail)
Connect Option: Direct (w/pins - electric inlets)
Silver color hose images used below for description.

Plastiflex Control Clean Dual Power Central Vacuum Hose The Plastiflex brand 4-wire Control Clean Dual Power crush-proof central vacuum hose is the most widely used in the world, and for good reason. Quality, Performance and Value have made the Plastiflex brand hose the market leader for more than two decades. Dual Power hoses are used in all central vacuum applications where an electric powerbrush is used in carpet cleaning.

The Control Clean hose carries both low-voltage, which signals the vacuum suction unit on/off, and hi-voltage which provides power to the electric carpet cleaning nozzle. The Control Clean hoses offered by Vacdepot are built at Plastiflex North America facility using the electraflex hose, a standard 1-1/4" ID hose body with a smooth bore interior for better airflow properties.

The ElectraFlex body also features a high thread per inch count which can make amazingly sharp turns without crimping, and the soft rounded rib design won't bite or grab. Fitted with a full 360° swivel ergonomic gas-pump style handle and 3-way power switch the Control Clean Dual Power can be used in all new central vacuum projects and also to replace most central vacuum hoses either Universal or Direct Connection and lengths of 30 feet or 35 feet. For other Control Clean Dual Power hose colors, connection systems and lengths see the Similar Items tab.

Plastiflex Control Clean Dual Power Central Vacuum Hose Plastiflex uses proprietary formulations to give their hose a soft texture that is flexible, but strong enough to endure years of heavy use in the home. Newer crush-proof hoses systems use stranded power & signal wires which are moulded into the ribs of the hose for protection. Crush-proof hoses weigh up to 30% less that the older wire-moulded hoses and are resistant to accidental crush damage unlike the wire-molded hose.

Vacdepot offers many brands and styles of vacuum hose but we always recommend the Plastiflex brand for powered central vacuum systems. No other brand of hose is more flexible or has proven to be nearly as reliable as the Plastiflex brand for the last 20 years. Plastiflex Control Clean Dual Power Central Vacuum Hose

The wall end of the Control Clean Dual Power hose is available in the two standard CVS hose configurations; Universal (corded) Connection or Direct Connection. Both systems use a 1.5" diameter connection with low-volt control circuit band moulded into the hose tip. This metal band is actually two metal plates which contact the spring mounted pins inside the hose opening of your systems wall inlet. That low-volt system allows you to turn your vacuum power unit on and off from the handle of the hose. The difference between Universal and Direct connection hose styles is how the high-voltage is passed to the hose.
Plastiflex Control Clean Dual Power Central Vacuum Hose

Universal connection uses an 8ft long external cord that plugs into an electrical outlet near the vacuum inlet. This is common for many older systems. Universal inlets have been used for the last 30+ years by most every manufacturer. Direct connection systems are newer and we installed beginning in the early 1990's. This system derives high-voltage directly from the inlet. Instead of an external power cord the hose end has two small male pins about 3/8" apart from each other projecting from the tip of the hose. Direct connection inlets (also called SuperValves or powered inlets) have a small receptacle just above or below the hose opening and are marked "120V" for 120 volts on the face of the valve or on the back of the inlet door. You choose the type of hose connection you need to work with your existing inlet vales or the type of valve you will be installing with a new CV system.

Universal and Direct Connect standard hoses fit the vast majority of vacuum inlets in use today. A small number of older inlets (25+ years) used proprietary connection styles to be aware of; Kenmore and Bud brand inlets used a smaller 1.25" connection. For these systems an adapter can be attached to the hose which will allow the new hose to work with your existing inlets.

The other proprietary valve still in use today is the Vacuflo automatic low-volt inlet valve. This system uses a set of pins protruding from the hose end for the low-volt connection and a slightly different diameter hose connection. Plastiflex Control Clean Dual Power Central Vacuum Hose These valves are easy to identify as they are marked "Vacuflo" on the face or under the door and use 4 screws to attach them to the wall instead of standard inlet design of two screws. More information about hoses and inlets is available in the article Central Vacuum Hoses and Inlets Explained under the articles tab. If you are unsure which inlet you have or what model of hose you need just contact us for assistance.

The handle of the Control Clean Dual Power hose has become the gold standard in central vacuum hoses. The ergonomic Gas-Pump Grip is the most widely replicated hose grip in use today. A full loop on the handle gives you a positive hold that requires less effort when pulling back. Keeping the grab area small also means less fatigue on your fingers and wrist than when gripping the full diameter of hose on older pistol-grip designs. All Control Clean Dual Power hoses offered by Vacdepot include the full 360° swivel handle design that prevents the hose from tangling while you clean.

An easy to use thumb operated switch provides three positions for total control of your central cleaning system. You can power just the suction unit alone, the suction unit and carpet brush unit together or power all devices off from the handle without having to unplug the hose from the wall to stop the system. Plastiflex Control Clean Dual Power Central Vacuum Hose The tool tip (called the hose stub) is made from chromed steel for connection with standard 1.25" (32mm) vacuum tools and wands. All Control Clean hoses from Vacdepot have the button lock hose stub which provides a positive lock from hose to nozzle system.

Button lock hose stubs can be used with both button and friction lock systems. The Control Clean Dual Power hose stub also features a multi position airflow regulator. The airflow regulator allows control of the suctioning strength at the end of the hose. Full suction for vacuuming most floors, stairs & walls. Less suction is required for vacuuming delicate fabrics, drapes, entrance matts or when dusting small objects.

Plastiflex brand hoses are used by most every OEM of central cleaning systems in the US and around the world. BEAM, Electrolux, Vacuflo, Airvac, Eureka, VacuMaid, Royal, CycloVac and many more have used Plastiflex manufactured hoses in their central vacuum kits. The Plastiflex reputation for quality and performance stands out from the low quality Asian imports that some dealers offer. The central vacuum hoses is the most used tool in your entire central vacuum system. Having a quality hose component helps you clean better and faster - two things every central vacuum should do for their owner. The Control Clean Dual Power hose is available in several color/length/connection combinations. See the Similar Items tab for other models.

Sold 1 Hose Assembly Each. Tools or Wands Not Included.
Black Color Body, Black Color Grip, 35ft Length. Select conection style at order.


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