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PlastiFlex CV8020
Universal Round Door Inlet Almond

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PlastiFlex Universal Round Door Inlet Almond
An industry standard for low-volt and pigtail type CVS installations the SV8020 almond inlet valve features a conventional rectangular frame with a round door and textured finish. The Plastiflex round door inlet is durable vinyl valve door in almond color. Also available in white, Plastiflex inlets are manufactured in Canada and are color matched to common switch plates and outlet covers. With a spring loaded door featuring an inset finger pull the valve door is easy to open (fully open at 90°) and very reliable. A long life gasket provides a leak proof closure and two color matched screws are included with each inlet.

Plastiflex Round Door Central Vacuum Inlet The round door universal valve also called a "standard connect inlet" or "low-volt inlet" is the most common used inlet style. This valve type is for use with no-volt or non-electric hoses (those with a metal cuff or metal-banded cuff) and dual-voltage corded (a.k.a pig-tail hoses or corded power hoses) where an electric cord is connected to your central vacuum hose. A Universal valve such as the SV8020 round door, R-Vex full door and Innovation Deco-Door are for use in new construction where you will most likely not use a powered hose or an electric attachment kit in a home that will be mostly hard floors. Universal valves are also used most often in retrofit installations (pre-existing homes) because they do not require 120V wiring to install and operate. If you are installing a system in a new home with carpeted floors and have access to an electrician we recommend the use of Direct Connect (a.k.a SuperValve) inlets such as the CV2050 plastic door or CV2050M metal door inlets.

The SV8020 inlet uses 2 spring mounted contact pins inside the inlet opening connected to the low volt signal wire from the CVS power unit. The CVS power unit is activated (low-volt circuit is closed) when an all metal hose cuff, metal banded hose cuff or wired low-volt hose is inserted into the inlet. Two screws on the back of the valve connect the low volt signal wire to the contact pins for operation. The valve has two color matching screws which secure it to the wall and mounting plate. The SV8020 valve fits the vast majority of standard inlet mounting plates used in the past 30 years. With two screws set at 3 7/8" apart the valve is secured to it's mounting plate. Adjusting the mounting plate screw tension allows use on uneven wall surfaces.

Plastiflex Round Door Central Vacuum Inlet The valve face is 3X5 nominal (3.1"W x 4.85"H exactly) to match the standard size of an electrical outlet cover plate which are often mounted at the same height on the wall. The inlet's opening is designed to match standard 1.5" outside diameter central vacuum hose cuffs. The actual inlet opening measures 1.51" inside diameter where the hose is inserted (front of the valve) and has a slight taper down to 1.43" in the back of the valve. This taper accepts the standard 1.5" hose and grips it tighter as you push it into the inlet to prevent it from pulling out while cleaning.

If replacing old inlet valve doors you should measure the old door's outside dimensions for coverage (3"W X 5"H), the distance between the mounting screws (3 7/8" apart center to center) and the valve opening in your mounting plate should be a minimum of 1 19/32" inside diameter not including the gasket which is a rubber o-ring in most mounting plates. Chances are if your system is a brand other than Vacuflo, Kenmore or Nutone and was installed in the last 30 years (or Nutone with rectangular inlets installed since 1994) then any Universal valve sold by Vacdepot should fit it. All attachment kits sold by Vacdepot that include a non-electric, low-volt or Universal Electric (PT type) hose will fit this valve. Universal inlets do not include a mounting plate. If ordering for a new install you must order a mounting plate (Plastiflex CV8201 or Vaculine CV5566) for this valve.

Almond color universal round door inlet.
Sold 1 inlet each, mounting plate not included.
Also available in 24pk case size, see similar items tab.


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