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Cen-Tec Systems®
Stainless 5G Wet/Dry Interceptor & Tool Kit
Cen-Tec Systems® Stainless 5G Wet/Dry Interceptor & Tool Kit
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Lindhaus Professional Attachment Kit - Universal Connect

Professional Attachment Kit - Universal Connect


PlastiFlex CV8201
Inlet Mounting Bracket

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PlastiFlex Inlet Mounting Bracket
Low-volt S-VEX inlet mounting plate for new construction and pre-existing installations. A single piece frame, moulded in white virgin PVC. The mounting plate (also known as a mounting bracket or inlet valve backing plate) fits the Plastiflex VEX series inlets (also known as the BEAM DECO inlets) and most universal 2-screw inlets including Hayden 1500, 1700 & 2000 series and Aspria Profyle inlets. Does not fit Vaculine 5590 series.

With two break-away nailing flanges the CV8201 can be mounted left or right of a stud in both 2x4 and 2X6 wall construction. The nailing flanges can be easily removed for use in retro-fit installations where the drywall or wall-board is already in place. For new construction each nailing fin has two tabs to align the mounting plate true vertical with the stud. The mounting plates interior features a continuous border that allows anyone to easily identify the trim area and also protects the inlet opening during the finish out process. Like all quality inlet mounting brackets the CV8201 includes an o-ring gasket for a glueless and removable connection to the inlet door. Unlike other mounting brackets the o-ring gasket is not just sitting in a groove where it may be knocked out or fall off during installation. The CV8201 bracket uses a compression ring that firmly holds the o-ring in position and prevents it from shifting around and causing a leak or a whistle during operation.

PLASTIFLEX VEX UNIVERSAL INLET MOUNTING PLATE Another unique feature of the Plastiflex S-VEX mounting plate is the included snap-in plaster guard to protect the inlet opening and o-ring gasket from joint compound, plaster, paint and other finishes. The plaster guard snaps in to place and does not require screws to keep it attached. For retro-fit installations where the plaster guard is not needed it also doubles as an excellent template for marking the dyrwall area to be cut away. The unique design of the CV8201 mounting plate also requires that less wall material be removed in a retro-fit installation which makes for faster installation and a more stable finished valve. The rectangular screw flanges feature extra thick screw post slots to allow for secure, adjustable inlet door mounting. For use with square inlet doors the rectangular screw flanges may be removed to ease retro-fit installations. A small wire trap knock-out is built into the mounting plate to secure the low voltage wire at the inlet.

The S-VEX mounting bracket allows for installations in walls where the wall material may range from 3/8" thick up to 3/4" to accommodate the most common wall board materials. For thicker wall material the CV5541G inlet valve extension may be added. Each mounting plate and plaster guard is embossed with a directional arrow so all inlets will be mounted uniformly in the same direction and height. The versatile CV8201 mounting plate is excellent for new and existing construction for use with most universal inlets.

White PVC. Sold 1 each, plaster guard included. Made in Canada.


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