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PlastiFlex CV8232
S-VEX Universal Square Door Inlet Almond

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PlastiFlex S-VEX Universal Square Door Inlet Almond
The new S-VEX inlet offers the smallest universal inlet valve design on the market without sacrificing features, performance or quality. The VEX series central vacuum inlet is a deco quality universal valve for both new construction and retrofit installations. Borrowing from the European design standard for central vacuum inlets, S-VEX is a Square dimension with convex shape. The S-VEX fits the VEX series mounting bracket with four screw mounts. The unique convex design with gentle rounded corners lets the S-VEX hide in plain sight providing unobtrusive access to your central vacuum tubing system. The S-VEX measures 3-1/8" wide and 3-1/8" tall and features a full cover door that hides both the inlet opening and the mounting screw heads. The VEX series has a clean designer style available in both white and almond to match most switch plates and outlet covers including deco and high style covers. The smaller S-VEX inlet design can be used for every planned inlet in your home, or mixed with full height doors for areas that have less space including bathrooms, counter top back splashes and cabinets.

PLASTIFLEX VEX DESIGNER INLET VALVE More than a pretty face, the VEX inlet cover has quality engineering in each part of it's design. From the fully braced ABS base plate to the high strength hidden spring door with flexible silicone gasket, the VEX central vacuum inlet is the highest quality valve door on the market. VEX inlets also offer standard features and specifications for interchangeable use with all universal and low-volt hoses. A standard two pin low voltage wire hook-up and the only keyed hose alignment design in a half-height valve are both possible thanks to the convex design. VEX inlets also have many innovative features including a small tab that makes for easy opening of the inlet door. The VEX inlet door opens a full 180° giving you the most space available to allow for easy hose hook-up and removal.

VEX inlets doors may also be mounted to open up or down by the homeowners preference. Unlike other brands, the VEX inlet door hides the spring closure system in both positions while the door is closed for a smooth clean looking inlet. Along with the deco style convex shape of the inlet door all corners and sides of the VEX inlet are rounded and the doors pull tab is also rounded for a clean smooth look. The S-VEX inlet features a long life silicone gasket that is connected to the inlet door with a post connector instead of glue. This allows the gasket to float free and seal the inlet door when the vacuum system is activated. The floating gasket eliminates leaks and whistle noises, even when mounted on uneven walls. The universal design works with all standard 1.5" low-voltage and universal (corded) high voltage hoses as well as 1.5" metal tip or metal banded hose cuffs. Standard system activation is done with two spring mounted copper low-volt pins inside the valve connected with screws on the back of the inlet to your vacuums existing low-volt switching system. The VEX inlets work with all of the OEM hoses from Plastiflex and Centec Systems which make over 95% of the central vacuum hoses in use today. S-VEX inlets are available in White and Almond colors with matching color head screws, VEX mounting plate (required) not included. VEX inlets are also available in traditional rectangular design: R-VEX.

Sold 1 each, Almond (aka Bisque) color. Includes screws. Requires VEX mounting bracket. Made in Canada.


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