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Select Powerteam Kit w/30ft Hose
Aggresor Vacuums® Select Powerteam Kit w/30ft Hose
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PlastiFlex CVLHS13835FF
Low-Volt Friction Fit Central Vacuum Hose 35ft

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PlastiFlex Low-Volt Friction Fit Central Vacuum Hose 35ft
Model CVLHS13835FF Specification
Body Color: Silver
Grip Color: Black
Hose Body Length: 35 feet (10.5 meters) -Not Including Ends
Hose Body Diameter: 1-3/8" ID
Tool Connection: 1.25" Friction Fit
Wall Connection: Universal 1.5"

The lightweight low-voltage hose is made by the worlds leading hose manufacturer, Plastiflex, with a soft molded ElectraFlex hose body. The Plastiflex hose is very flexible and can make sharp turns without cutting off the suction. The handgrip is an ergonomic "Gas-Pump Grip" design and features a simple to use low-volt thumb switch. The handle design also features a 360° swivel to reduce strain on both user and hose. The CVLHS-FF models use a standard friction fitting tool end.

The Plastiflex low-volt hose is a premium quality component with unsurpassed airflow and flexibility in an oversized 1 3/8" ID hose body. The larger diameter adds more room for the air to move through the hose while cleaning with less resistance providing you the best airwattage from your power unit, an estimated 20% increase in performance as compared to 1.25" hoses. Plastiflex Friction Fit Low Volt Central Vacuum Hose

The full swivel Gas-Pump handle keeps you tangle free while moving about room-to-room and the finger-tip switch gives you complete control over the remote power unit. With a simple flip of the switch the power unit can be activated from the end of the hose. With a low-volt hose you need not return to the valve to activate or shut down your power unit. The tool end of the hose grip has a long wearing 1.25" tapered metal stub wand built-in which provides a fast friction connection for tools and extension wands along with a variable suction control slider to lessen suction when cleaning delicate surfaces such as drapes. The industry standard 1.25" (32mm) tool end of the Low-Volt CVS hose can use most brands of vacuum tools including friction fitting wands (those without button locking hole).

The wall-end hose cuff has wide dual connection points on the contact ring to provide a high level of reliability and compatibility with nearly all standard wall inlet valves on the market. The hose cuff is a standard 1.5" OD, and fits nearly every valve we have tried it in with the exception of OEM Vacuflo Valves and older Kenmore brand wall valves that measure 1.25" ID. If you have the older Kenmore valve give us a call for a special adapted version of the low-volt hose.

Low-Volt CVS hose 35 feet in length. Sold 1 hose each, tools and attachments not included.
Also available in 30ft length and button lock fit tool connection, see similar items tab.


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