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PlastiFlex SVTAD-01
Automatic Dustpan Utility Sweep Inlet

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This item is no longer available.  

PlastiFlex Automatic Dustpan Utility Sweep Inlet
The Plastiflex ADP has been discontinued by the manufacturer and is no longer produced. Parts for the original ADP are no longer available from Plastiflex. New models of sweep inlet are available from Plastiflex in the Vacpan design and from Vaculine in the innovative VacuSweep design.

The Automatic Dustpan was the first sweep inlet developed by Plastiflex in Canada where it is still made today. The sweep inlet was a ingenious innovation of it's time which would soon shift the Central Vacuum industry. The Automatic Dustpan model is a heavy duty floor sweep inlet that is easy to install and easy to use which makes it the ideal sweep inlet for heavy usage applications including utility service, backroom-shop, warehouse, retail space, veterinary office, bench-top sweep inlet, and of course the most widely installed applications of hair salon or barber shop. Sharing it's function with standard residential sweep inlets, the advantage of their design is speed and convenience for cleaning high traffic areas with a broom and your central vacuum system. Instead of retrieving your vacuum hose from the closet to quickly vacuum a spill or maintain a small area of floor you instead grab your broom and push the soil over to your sweep inlet where it is quickly carried away.

The Automatic Dustpan Sweep Inlet, Plastiflex The Automatic Dustpan mounts into the base of a cabinet in your kitchen or shop directly on the floor surface and connects to your central vacuum using standard 2 inch vacuum tube. Vacdepot offers optional Pipe-Link hook up kit which includes a flexible tube section for connecting the Automatic Dustpan with ease in standard cabinet installation or other non-standard installations. The Automatic Dustpan is foot activated with a lever that both opens the inlet valve and activates a low-volt switch that starts and stops your central vacuum power unit.

The Automatic Dustpan vs. VacPan
The Automatic Dustpan Sweep Inlet, Plastiflex While the Automatic Dustpan is well capable of normal domestic service when installed within a cabinet in ones kitchen, the more residential friendly design of the Plastiflex Vacpan sweep inlet will often be the better choice for most domestic applications. The Automatic Dustpan design was brought about to service all applications of a sweep inlet, both residential and light commercial. It's design was built to be durable, reliable and serviceable for high volume usage. In the early days of sweep-inlet design the Vacpan company also offered it's sweep inlet which was designed primarily for use in the home. The Vacpan unit was smaller and offered a more 'kitchen friendly' style which was an instant success with homeowners. With a lower cost design which allowed installation into a 2x4 studed wall as well as under cabinets the Vacpan became the installer preferred choice of sweep inlets.

A short time later Plastiflex purchased the VacPan company, which admittedly had a cooler name than "The Automatic Dustpan". Plastiflex put all of it's marketing and distribution resources behind the Vacpan brand and took the sweep inlet from optional accessory to a planned necessity. Sweep inlet's are often installed in most central vacuum system rough-in's and the sweep-inlet is the most often requested feature of all central vacuum systems. Unfortunately the bulky utilitarian design of the Automatic Dustpan has had a tough time finding it's way in a residential consumer market. What the Automatic Dustpan may lack in residential style is well compensated for with it's heavy duty design and quality for the right application. For most residential applications Vacdepot does recommend the trim fit of a Vacpan. Though if your application is something a bit different than the regular home kitchen, or your design calls for a heavy duty sweep style inlet for high usage the Automatic Dustpan is well engineered and an exceptional value.

The Automatic Dustpan Sweep Inlet, Plastiflex Size and Design
The ADP (Automatic DustPan) is the largest sweep inlet of it's kind and features a nearly 10" wide intake opening that is 1/2" tall (compare to Vacpan 6" intake). The front of the ADP is covered with a removable shroud that measures 15" in length, 3.5" tall and 3.75" deep from front to back. The removable shroud focuses the airflow at the floor level inlet opening to increase velocity. The shroud also acts as an inlet guard to prevent large objects from reaching the tube system and clogging.

The ADP mounts to the front of the cabinet base and measures 3.75" deep to the rear facing tube connector. Mounted in a standard cabinet base with 3/4" material the ADP will extend under the cabinet just 3 inches. A standard PVC tube coupling is included and connects the ADP to standard 2" vacuum tube. Two (2) 1/2" wood screws are included with the ADP to secure the sweep inlet to the cabinet base. If mounted in a recessed toe kick area the installation will require a minimum of 3.5" of open space from floor to the top of the toe kick to install and operate the ADP.

Features &. Operation
A unique feature of the ADP is the large inlet orifice which measures 1-5/8" in diameter. The inlet valve gate swings upward to expose the full diameter of the orifice and is locked in to position during operation. The ADP's inlet gate features a flexible silicone gasket to ensure a tight seal when not in operation and the thick, sturdy base prevents the ADP from flexing out of position and leaking. The ADP is activated by sliding the control arm with your foot from it's normal straight position to the right side. The control area has a large contact surface that is easy to locate under the cabinet and the quality design and materials will take heavy usage. Along with lifting open the inlet gate the control arm activates a heavy duty low-volt switch that is mounted to the back of the ADP.

The Automatic Dustpan Sweep Inlet, Plastiflex As with the all parts of the ADP design the low-volt switch is superior quality for high usage, is replaceable should it ever need be, and includes two crimp on wire spade terminals for connection with the central vacuum low-volt wire system. With the unit activated and the ADP's shroud in place you need only bring the debris near the inlet while suction is flowing and it will quickly be carried away.

The ADP also makes a great bench-top sweep inlet for use with a bench brush. Great for manufacturing and wood-working work areas where a hose would not be practical or convenient. The ADP's switch lever is easy to operate by hand and the wide intake area will handle a large volume of debris without letting objects that would cog into the system.

The Automatic Dustpan Sweep Inlet, Plastiflex Installation & Optional PipeLink
Installation of the ADP is similar to all other sweep inlets. The ADP's exiting spigot is rear facing and a standard coupling is included which allows connection directly to vacuum tube. Any standard vacuum tube fitting can be used directly on the ADP including an elbow or other connector. Installation should be in a straight cabinet, a location nearest the center of the area to be cleaned, but not directly in the traffic path is best. The cutout in the cabinet base for the ADP is 7.75" wide, 3.25" tall.

The ADP will also connect with your central vacuums low-volt wire and crimps are included for easy hook-up. An optional PipeLink flexible hook-up kit is available at the time of order with the ADP. The PipeLink kit includes a 30" section of wire reinforced vinyl flex tube with a spigot connector on one end to connect with the ADP and a coupling on the other end to connect with vacuum tube. Each end is held in place with a steel hose clamp which can be removed and the length adjusted if necessary. Order double PipeLink and get an extra long 60" section of flex tube in your ADP install kit.

SVTAD-01 Automatic Dustpan Features & Specifications

  • Central Vacuum Sweep Inlet
  • Black Color
  • Removable Intake Shroud
  • Large Foot Operated Switch
  • 10" Wide Intake Opening
  • Heavy-Duty Design

  • Includes
  • Auto Dustpan w/Removable Shroud
  • ½" Wood Screws (2)
  • LV Wire Connectors (2)
  • PVC Stop Coupling
  • Install Instructions
  • Optional PipeLink Includes:
  • 30" Flex Tube
  • Vinyl w/Wire Reinforce
  • Full 2" Inside Diameter
  • (2) Steel Hose Clamps
  • (2) Spigot Adapters
  • (1) Tube Coupling

  • Optional Upgrade to 60" Available
  • Eases Sweep Inlet Install
  • Great for Tight Spaces

  • Measurements:
  • Valve: 10" Wide, 3.5" Tall, 7.5" Deep
  • Shroud: 15" Wide, 3.5" Tall, 2.75" Deep


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