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PlastiFlex VCPA01
VacPan CVS Sweep Inlet Almond

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PlastiFlex VacPan CVS Sweep Inlet Almond
The Vacpan central vacuum sweep inlet revolutionized the central cleaning industry when it was developed and quickly became the most popular installation accessories for homeowners. Use your favorite broom to sweep debris from high traffic areas like the kitchen or mudroom then kick the Vacpan switch and dirt & dust will be carried away to the vacuum. Fast to operate, simple to connect and reliable to own. The Vacpan was originally called "the automatic dust pan" because it easily did away with the dirty and time consuming task of using a dust pan to collect the debris for disposal into the garbage can. A sweep inlet is often mounted in the base of cabinet or can be mounted into a regular stud wall. Connected with tubing to the main central vacuum the Vacpan activates the suction and opens an airflow valve by user operated toe switch. The Vacpan requires just a couple seconds to suction away debris and dust that is swept into the inlet.

Vacpan Sweep Inlet for Central VacuumsPush the switch closed again and the vacuum system is turned off and the inlet valve is sealed. The Vacpan can be installed in new systems or added to existing central vacuum systems. Vacdepot also offers a self-contained Vacpan inlet system for homes without a central vacuum system. The Vacpan is available in four colors: VCPA01 Almond, VCPB01 Black, VCPW01 White & VCPSS01 Stainless Steel Finish. Three options are available for each as described below: an installation quick-trim plate, a stainless steel finish plate and a flexible hose installation kit.

Vacpan Sweep Inlet for Central VacuumsThe Vacpan became available for DIY'ers and homeowners to install and retrofit into existing systems in the very early 90's. It is now the most popular install accessories in all residential cleaning systems worldwide. The sweep inlet is nearing two decades of installations and is thought to be part of 9 in 10 of new domestic central vacuum installations. Thanks to it's prolificy the Vacpan has become refined and also lower in cost than the first models. Vacpan installation has also been streamlined and the availability of the new Vacpan rough-in and Vacpan Quick-Trim installation trim plate has allowed a sweep inlet to be added in many homes where the central vacuum had already been installed. Vacpan Sweep Inlet for Central Vacuums

Cleaner & Healthier
The Vacpan does not require you to bend over to operate nor does it require you to lift or carry the dirt. Vacpans are dust-proof and eliminate allergens & lung damaging particles which effect those with asthma and allergies. A manual dust pan must be dumped into a garbage bag where ultra-fine dust will puff back and float in the air for hours. Each time anyone throws something more into the garbage bag more dust will be expelled into the air until the bag is removed and replaced. The Vacpan however will vacuum all the dirt and dust out of the living area. The visible debris will be carried out along with the submicron particles that are swept up. Large particles will be collected into the vacuum's bin and sub micron particles will be ejected outside the home through the exhaust vent for a cleaner and healthier home. Central vacuum cleaning is the only vacuuming system that provides 100% filtration, including the Vacpan sweep inlets.

Easy To Install
A Vacpan sweep inlet can easily be added to any new central vacuum installation and most every retrofit installation with minimal effort when good planning is used. The plumbing and connection of a Vacpan sweep inlet is simple just like any regular vacuum inlet though more planning and installation precision are required than most regular hose inlets which have a larger margin of error. The sweep inlet installation often requires working with other trades in a new installation including dry wall installers or cabinet installers. In retrofit applications (existing home) the sweep inlet installation may require more disturbance to the surrounding wall area or cabinet, depending on conditions. Installation during remodels is ideal for existing homes as access to the cabinet base or open walls allow for unlimited placement options.

Standard installation requires a minimum 2.25" of space in the toe-kick area for cabinet installations. A 6.75" long and 1.75" tall slot is notched in the cabinet base against the floor. For in-wall installations the the footer stud must also be removed to allow installation directly against the floor as well as removal of the baseboard. Along with the suction connection the low-voltage control wire from the power unit is attached to two screws on top of the Vacpan. Sweep inlets are dry-fit using a friction connection and do not use glue. The Vacpan Install Guide is available for download.

Vacpan Sweep Inlet for Central Vacuums Optional Flex Rough-In
Vacpan offers a purpose built flexible link low profile rough-in kit that includes hose clamps for a quick hook up. Vacpans can be hard plumbed with rigid PVC tube connected directly to the inlet however the flexible rough-in kit is highly recommended for most installations. The flexible link gives you the ability to move the Vacpan during the installation to align properly with the flooring and wall trim. The Vacpan flexible rough-in also includes a cap that allows you to rough in the Vacpan during installation and install the inlet later when needed while keeping the system sealed for use with hose inlets. The optional Flex Rough-In kit also uses a specially designed intake elbow that that is over 1 inch lower profile than a standard tube and elbow for tight installations while still providing full airflow performance. The flexible rough-in system can be used for both cabinet and wall mount Vacpan sweep inlets. Order the Plastiflex Flex Rough-In kit with your Vacpan (see green options menu, top right of the order page) and get a special price.
Vacpan Sweep Inlet for Central Vacuums Optional Install Quick-Trim Plate
Color matched to the Vacpan sweep inlet the Quick-trim plate allows installation into areas that are only accessible from the front. In many installations the optional flex rough-in or standard PVC elbow connection is made from above though access in the floor in a cabinet, the subfloor under a cabinet or though an access hole in the front or back of a wall. The optional Quick-Trim plate allows the installation hole to be enlarged up to 4" in height which will allow you to connect the flex rough-in or hard PVC tube outside of the cabinet and slide the complete assembly into the cabinet without using access behind the Vacpan for installation. The Quick-Trim plate requires 4" of height in the toe-kick area but can be scored and cut down using pre-scored guide lines on the back of the trim plate.
Vacpan Sweep Inlet for Central Vacuums Optional Stainless Steel Finish Plate
The Vacpan can be fitted with an optional brushed stainless steel finish plate to match the decor of of kitchens with other stainless steel appliances. The finish plate is made from real stainless steel with a brushed finish and can be used with any color Vacpan, though it is most often used with the Black color pan. The finish plate measures 9-3/8" long and 2-5/8" tall to cover the front plate of the Vacpan including the screws, but leaves the inlet opening and tow kick switch exposed. The finish plate comes with an industrial adhesive installed, just clean the Vacpan with alcohol and remove the adhesive backing then press to install. The Stainless Steel finish plate can be added at any time to most any Vacpan installation. The Stainless Steel finish plate can not be used in a Vacpan installation where the optional Quick-Trim plate is used.

Vacpan Sweep Inlet for Central Vacuums The Vacpan sweep inlet increases your cleaning productivity by providing more access to your central cleaning system. Keep high traffic floors like your kitchen, mudroom or entry clean without the need to get your hose and cleaning tools. The Vacpan will conveniently carry away swept dirt and debris along with dust and submicron sized particles for a cleaner home without the back bending work require by regular dustpans. Install a Vacpan sweep inlet in every application for a happier homeowner and a healthier home.

Item No. VCPA01 is an Almond color Vacpan unit, sold 1 each. Includes Vacpan, (2) mounting screws with paint color matched heads & multi-lingual instruction sheet (English, Spanish & French). Fittings or flex rough-in (required) & quick-trim or finish plate (optional) not included.


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