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Royal CS400
Tranquility Compact Filtered Cyclonic

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Royal Tranquility Compact Filtered Cyclonic
Having provided homeowners with quality cleaning portable vacuums with legendary reliability for over 100 years the Royal vacuum company in partnership with H-P Vacuflo now offers the Royal CS series Central Vacuum Power Unit. Utilizing H-P Vacuflo's 55 years of manufacturing experience, the Royal CS central vacuum power units offer a cutting edge design with superior performance. The Royal CS central vacuum sets the standard for the industry with it's high quality and performance by providing constant cleaning power and long lasting durability with an unmatched lifetime+1 limited warranty. Sustained cleaning performance is possible thanks to the patented Cyclonic Filtration Technology® that is a proven and innovative filtration process. Royal central vacuums maintain maximum airflow for optimum cleaning power over time - even as the collection bin fills. The Royal cyclonic technology gives the central vacuum owner what they want, more vacuum power 100% of the time for cleaner living with a healthy home.

Vacuflo Patented Cyclonic Filtration Technology - CFT Royal Central Vacuum power units from HP Vacuflo feature the patented Cyclonic Filtration Technology® (CFTTM), a unique dual filtration process that utilizes cyclonic separation for primary filtration and a pleated filter for secondary filtration. Unlike central vacuum systems that rely on permanent cloth filters, the powerful performance of the Royal CS power units will not decrease as dirt accumulates. Carpets and furnishings are cleaned more thoroughly with less wear due to efficient and consistent vacuum power and airflow. What does CFTTM mean to you in real world use? Royal power units with CFTTM will supply constant cleaning power while you vacuum. Cleaning power from the vacuum unit will be almost exactly the same at the end of your cleaning task as it was at the beginning. And the next time you use your CV system you will again enjoy it's full power. This differs greatly from permanently filtered vacuums which can loose 50% or more of their initial cleaning power before you finish cleaning your home, even models with special filter coatings or enhancements.

CS400 Compact Self-Venting Power Unit
A new model of Royal power unit designed for smaller applications where size is important. The CS400 measures just under 32 inches and the unique through-flow motor does not use a ported exhaust which lessens the install requirements of the unit. A great vacuum model for small homes, apartments or condos with a maximum recommended installation up to 2500 sqft. Compact in size yet strong in power the CS400's dual fan motor produces 422 MAX Airwatts with 106 inches of lift and 115 CFM. A shorter collection bin provides 4 gallons of debris capacity while still utilizing the same filter system of the larger models for excellent airflow in a small space.

Central vacuums are beneficial to every member of the home from parents, to kids, to pets. And while having a central vacuum may not guarantee they will use it any more often (particularly the kids), you can be sure that when you take time to clean that you are doing the very best for your home and family.

Royal CS400, the perfect choice for homes up to 2,500 square feet.
  • Royal CS400 CFT Power Unit
  • EMI Dual Stage Motor
    • 115 Cubic Feet / Minute
    • 106 Inches / Water Lift
    • 422 Air Watts
    • 11.2/9.9 Max/AVG Amps, 120V
  • Low Noise 73.7 dBa
  • Compact 4 Gal.Capacity
  • Filtered Cyclonic Design
  • 20GA Steel Construction
  • Powder-coated finish
  • Portless Exhaust (self Venting)
  • Left Side Intake
  • 23lbs Net Weight
  • Push Button Motor Protection
  • Mounting Bracket Included
  • 13" dia. x 31 3/8" high
  • UL Approved, NEMA 5-15 Cord
  • Lifetime+1 Limited Warranty
  • Blue Color, Black Bin

The CS400 is recommended for installations of 2 - 5 valves with a max pipe run of 100 ft including the exhaust system, if any. While best suited for homes up to 2,500 square feet, these recommendations are approximate and for reference only and not intended as a strict guide. For more information please contact Vacdepot for free central vacuum system planing assistance.

Tested, Inspected & Guaranteed. Tested, Inspected & Guaranteed. Vacdepot is the only fully stocked central vacuum dealer online which inspects and tests all power units before shipping. Vacdepot ships all orders directly from our own warehouse, we do not drop-ship our customers orders. All central vacuum power units ordered from Vacdepot online are thoroughly inspected before shipment. Vacdepot investigates all units for manufacturing defects and confirms all included components like cords, brackets and manuals are included. Each vacuum unit is connected to a testing station to check operation, confirm the low-voltage signal and activate the suction motor to check seals. Vacdepot test the vacuums power consumption, measures the vacuum motors suction capacity and meters the airflow to confirm normal operation. After successful testing and inspection the power unit is repackaged with Vacdepot's enhanced performance pak for secure shipping to guarantee delivery without damage.

Anyone offering central vacuums online can claim to be an expert, but the standard must be higher than sticking a shipping label on a box and hoping for the best. Only Vacdepot with nearly two decades of online shipping know-how and five decades of vacuum industry experience provides this unique service for its customers on every power unit, because only Vacdepot can.


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