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Original Knitted Hose Cover

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VacSoc Original Knitted Hose Cover
Vacsoc brand is the originator of the hose cover and the knitted Vacsoc is the true original. This knit style Vacsoc is made from a soft yet durable machine washable material with a small amount of Lycra blended in to provide a snug fit around the hose. Each end of the Knitted Vacsoc has a draw string closure to prevent sliding once installed. The Knitted Vacsoc is available in grey color and in both 30 foot and 35 foot models to cover all standard fixed length central vacuum hoses. Each knitted Vacsoc comes with a rigid cardboard tube for easy installation onto any central vacuum hose, instructions included.

Vacsoc Knit Tube Soc Vacuum Hose Cover The Vacsoc was developed as a protective cover and the knitted Vacsoc was built tough for that purpose. It was a homeowner and central vacuum user that developed the Vacsoc years ago, frustrated with marks on his walls caused by his central vacuum hose. When central vacuum hoses were first made they used a stiff metal wire inside to hold their shape. This rigid design was good but unfortunately the hoses would scuff baseboards and furniture when pulled around and over them. And when the hose was pulled around corners in the home the rigid ribs on the hose exterior would "chew" through the drywall like a saw. The need for the Vacsoc was obvious and a brand was born. In recent years central vacuum hoses have been changed from the rigid metal wire types to the new crush-proof style hose.

Vacsoc Knit Tube Soc Vacuum Hose Cover The new crush-proof hose is more flexible and lighter weight, a welcomed advancement from older wire hoses. The new hose design is very much improved but it also benefits from the protection of a Vacsoc. Along with protecting walls, furniture and baseboards in the home it also helps to protect the hose from twisting, kinking or getting caught on furniture. The Knitted Vacsoc also helps you to get a grip on the new crush-proof hose which has a smooth, slick finish and can be hard to gather up and store on the hanger. Originally developed to alleviate one frustration, the hose cover of today serves many more uses. The Knitted Vacsoc protects your home & your central vacuum hose as well as making your entire central vacuum system easier to use.

Vacsoc is the originator of the seamless knit tube used for central vacuum hoses and has more experience, production knowledge and history building hose covers than anyone. The Vacsoc brand name is synonymous with the central vacuum hose cover. Vacsoc uses durable polyester fibers for the strongest hose cover that resist wear, snags and tears. Imitation hose cover brands often use cotton or low quality synthetics that quickly lose their stretch and sag from the hose which leads to snagging, tearing and a hose that is harder to manage. When it comes to vacuum equipment Vacdepot sells all brands, but for central vacuum hose covers we sell and recommend only one brand: Vacsoc. Compare quality and compare price. Look for the Vacsoc label sewn into every Vacsoc brand hose cover and don't settle for imitation or no-name hose socs. Give your hose the soft touch, get a Vacsoc brand hose cover.

Vacsoc Knit Tube Soc Vacuum Hose Cover Installation Included
If a Knit Vacsoc is purchased on the same order with an attachment set or hose of the same length, Vacdepot will install the Vacsoc onto the hose automatically at no cost to you, unless we are directed otherwise. Please let us know if you do not want the Vacsoc installed on a hose or attachment set ordered at the same time.

Vacsoc Model Numbers: VS-TSGR30, VS-TSGR35.
Sold 1 each, available 30 foot length standard, 35 foot length optional. Installation tube included. Select your length at order.


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