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Vaculine VSI5600B
VacuSweep CVS Sweep Inlet Black

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Vaculine VacuSweep CVS Sweep Inlet Black
The Vacusweep is the latest design of central vacuum system sweep inlet from the precision fittings manufacturer, Vaculine. Vacusweep is a sweep inlet that can be mounted in the toe-kick area of a cabinet or at the base of a wall and allows you to sweep debris into your central vacuum system much like a dustpan. Often called an "Automatic Dustpan", the Vacusweep inlet is easy to install and easy to use with a smart design that is reliable and durable. Sweep inlets are used in many hard floor areas where heavy foot traffic requires cleaning more often. Excellent for home use in kitchens, mudrooms, entryways and workshops. Great for commercial applications including hair salons, retail stores and even workbench applications. More convenient than a hose and floor nozzle, more hygienic and faster than a dustpan, the Vacusweep inlet combines the simplicity of a broom with the power and convenience of built-in vacuums.

Vacusweep central vacuum sweep inlet Multi-Fit Easy Install & Smart Design
Vacusweep is the most easily installable sweep inlet of it's kind available thanks to it's flanged body design which fits both toe-kick spaces under a cabinet and standard 2X4 studded walls. The Vacusweep inlet is available in White, Almond, Black or Silver color and connects with standard 2" vac tubing.

Along with the tube connection the Vacusweep inlet is also connected with the central vacuum systems low-volt wiring to control the vacuum power unit. A simple push-in wire clip system requires no connectors or screws to use and provides a reliable low-volt wire connection.

Vacusweep central vacuum sweep inlet The Vacusweep design is a third generation sweep inlet and one of the two most common sweep inlets sold throughout the world. Conceived to address issues of it's main rival the Vacpan, a Vacusweep inlet offers advantages in both installation and overall appearance. Central vacuum installation professionals often prefer Vacusweep for it's rear facing tube system connection that allows the use of a 90° elbow which can be turned in any direction for a full 360°.This rearward connection in combination with the flanged body design allows for more options in the installation process and alleviates the need for a trim plate in most installations.

Attractive & Durable
Vacusweep also differs from other sweep inlet styles with an attractive appearance featuring a closed inlet system that is only opened during use. The suction area of the Vacusweep is not exposed to view and keeps a neat and clean appearance. The Vacusweep inlet door also covers the mounting screws when not in use, further providing a finished component look. The Vacusweep requires no maintenance and has no wear items to replace. Once the Vacusweep is installed you will not need to provide maintenance or replace any of the internal parts for normal operation.

Vacusweep central vacuum sweep inlet Optional SweepLink Flexible Install Kit
Installing a Vacusweep has never been easier when you order the optional SweepLink Hook-up kit with your Vacusweep. The SweepLink Hook-Up kit includes a 30" section of flexible install duct with two hose clamps for a no hassle Vacusweep install. SweepLink Hook-up kit also includes the special short socket short 90 elbow for use if installing into a 2X4 stud wall and a straight coupling for installing Vacusweep with SweepLink under a cabinet. A spigot adapter is included for using the fitting and two gear type hose clamps for connecting each end of the SweepLink.

Position the Vacusweep where and WHEN you want. Easy to adjust and remove if needed, never install a Vacusweep without SweepLink! Order the SweepLink Hook-Up kit using the options box at the top of this page just above the add-to-cart button.

Vacusweep central vacuum sweep inlet Optional Install Trim Plate
The trim plate can be used in any application where extra coverage is needed to assist in the installation, or the existing installation needs some rough edges to be covered up. Thanks to it's large body flange the Vacusweep does not require a trim plate for most installations. However in the case of wall installation (particularly those from a drop) a trim plate is a very helpful option to have on hand. The Vacusweep trim plate can also be used to add a style element when the sweep inlet needs to be accentuated. Vacusweep trim plates measure 4.0" tall and 10.5" wide. The top can be trimmed in two factory molded score locations of .05" each for a height of 3.5" or 3.0" total.

Trim plates are available in color matched for Almond, White and Black. The Silver inlet can be used with any color trim plate, often white for light color applications and black trim for dark wall applications and under most cabinets. Order the trim plate using the drop-down options box about the add-to-cart button at the top of this page.

Vacusweep central vacuum sweep inlet Simple & Effective to Use
Operating the Vacusweep inlet is easy and fast. Use your favorite broom to sweep debris to the inlet and use your toe to open the inlet by lifting up on the door flange. Just a light tap of you toe on the flange will let the spring loaded door open and automatically activate your central vacuum unit. Sweep debris toward the inlet opening and watch as your central vacuums suction pulls in the debris and carries it away to the collection bin. When you have vacuumed all the debris you step on the inlet door to close the Vacusweep and turn off your central vacuum unit until next time you need to quickly clean the area of regular soils or messy spills.

Download Vacusweep Installation Instructions, PDf 405K.

Black in color, OEM# 775600BLK. Sold 1 each, includes mounting screws and install instructions with cut-out rough-in template. Optional trim plate, SweepLink hook-up kit and installation fittings not included.


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