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Wessel-Werk D320
Natural Fill Hard Floor Brush

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Wessel-Werk Natural Fill Hard Floor Brush
The new D320 floor brush from Wessel-Werk offers wide path hard floor cleaning with a generous, plush natural fill bristle set that provides exceptional sweeping action . With a full 12" cleaning path the D320 can help you clean large areas quickly yet remains nimble enough for detail work around furniture. Both front and rear natural fill bristle sets are castle cut to provide optimum airflow through the nozzle and help prevent bull-dozing the debris. With both front and rear bristle sets castle cut design the nozzle cleans in both directions, adding efficiency.

The natural fill bristle is the thickest we have seen in some time from any floor brush. More bristle on the floor delivers better performance and single pass cleaning efficiency. Natural fill bristles are preferred for hard floor cleaning and the softer fill provides superior kinetic action on both smooth and uneven floor types including natural stone, tile, laminates and wood floors. Wessel-Werk Vacuum Nozzle, D320 Hard Floor Brush

The D320 hard floor brush also features outboard roller wheels on steel axels which do allow usage on textile floors, though the D320 is primarily designed for hard surfaces. The true advantage of outboard rollers is the connection with the softer natural fill bristle set that provides such good cleaning action. Many floor brushes that have no wheels use synthetic fill bristle which is very firm.

The softer natural fill uses the outboard rollers for support to keep the nozzle from bending the fill with heavy usage. Bent bristles can result in the nozzle getting buried into the floor which severely reduces the airflow and cleaning action. The D320's wheels keep the nozzle at a perfect height from the floor which puts the right amount of natural fill in contact with the surface no matter the pressure or angle at which you vacuum.

Wessel-Werk Vacuum Nozzle, D320 Hard Floor Brush The large intake orifice provides excellent airflow through the nozzle and allows you to vacuum larger soils without clogging. The soft poly housing is gentle on furniture and base boards and will not mar those surfaces or the flooring. An more firm blend of material is used in construction of the swivel connector that attaches to the vacuum wand. The connector features a full 360° swivel that allows you to steer the brush as you clean and rotate the brush in any direction needed to reach the area to be cleaned, even under low furniture or beds. The connection system is standard 1.25" (32mm) friction fitting that connects to all domestic central vacuum wands, with or without a button lock. The D320 also fits most domestic canister vacuums and backpack vacuums using standard 1.25" residential tool sets. An outstanding addition to the popular D300 and D360 floor brushes from Wessel-Werk, the new D320 offers a wider intake throat, a more plush natural fill bristle set and a lower airflow noise design with legendary Wessel-Werk performance and quality.

Sold 1 floor brush each, 1.25" (32mm) friction fit connector. Black color case with natural fill bristle.



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