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Wessel-Werk D330
Turn & Clean High Agility Floor Brush

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Wessel-Werk Turn & Clean High Agility Floor Brush
The new Turn & Clean dual axis hard floor brush sets a new standard for maneuverability and performance. With a castle cut full wrap of mixed density bristles the D330 cleans in every direction it is moved. With an extra wide 13" cleaning path the D330 makes quick work of larger areas and the patented swivel pivot connection allows effortless maneuvering in tight spaces unlike any other floor brush. The D330 features a standard 1.25" friction fit universal connection and attaches to any domestic vacuum wand allowing use on both new and older systems. The Turn & Clean's mixed density brushes are highly effective for cleaning all hard floor surfaces from smooth stone, laminate, linoleum, finished wood or stained concrete floors, to thick texture and uneven floor surfaces like distressed wood, terrazzo, slate and unsealed stone or brick. The D330 floor brush excels at cleaning all tile surfaces with any width, depth and finish of grout. A quick and easy upgrade for any vacuum system, the D330 gives you performance and control unlike any other floor tool available.

Wessel-Werk D300 Turn & Clean Floor Brush Next Generation Vacuum Floor Brush
For over a century the floor brush has had the ability to swivel. With a connection to the wand that turns left and right the conventional floor brush and does not require the nozzle be lifted off the floor to change direction. Standard floor tools have a shallow angle built into the tools neck and the swivel action allows you to steer the floor brush left and right as you push the nozzle forward.

The new D330 Turn-N-Clean adds another axis to the floor nozzles maneuverability. The unique D330's nozzle connector allows for a full 180° swivel, and also provides for a full 90° pivot. Most importantly the D330 can both pivot and swivel at the same time which allows you to hold the nozzle in most any position. Have you ever wanted to turn your floor brush sideways and clean in a tight space? This unique patented nozzle connector allows the D330 Turn & Clean to reach into spaces no ordinary floor nozzle would ever fit. And it does so with ease: no buttons, pedals or latches - just Turn the handle and Clean.

Wessel-Werk D300 Turn & Clean Floor Brush Cardan Joint Technology
The nimble posture and amazing flexibility of the D330 is made possible by Wessel-Werk design engineers employing the use of Cardan Joint principles. This unique connection of floor brush to the vacuum wand uses multiple ridgid connections to flex like a hose for nearly unlimited movement and still provide the support need for easy maneuvering. A style of universal joint much like those used in automobiles, the Cardan Joint provides another benefit when used in the D330.

Unlike conventional floor nozzles that only clean in standard front-to-back motion, the D330 can also clean in a sweeping side-to-side motion with the floor nozzle parallel to your body. The side-to-side sweeping motion is a favourite method of commercial cleaners for maintaining large areas of floors in a single pass with incredible speed. Of course the D330 excels at the conventional front to back cleaning motion and the full wrap of castle cut bristles cleans in both forward and backward motions, unlike conventional floor brushes. The innovative application of the Cardan Joint in the vacuum nozzle is one of the many ways that Wessel-Werk provides its users Performance through Innovation. The patented Turn & Clean technology was conceived, designed, tested and manufactured only by Wessel-Werk. No other nozzle manufacturer offers this unique technology.

Wessel-Werk D300 Turn & Clean Floor Brush Full Motion Cleaning: Castle Cut Bristle Set
The brush design of the D330 is also innovative in the full wrap castle cut mixed fill bristle set which uses both synthetic and natural fibers for both flexibility and strength. A brush stiffener shadows the castle cut bristle set keeping the bristles in place and preventing bristle flare which reduces performance. The traditional rear wheel found in many other wide body floor tools is replaced with a row of extra firm fill under the pivot.

This set of riding bristles is specially designed to take the extra load of forward motion and transfer this energy into an easy gliding motion. With no wheels required the D330 glides entirely on it' bristle set so it is safe for all hard floor surfaces, and the all bristle nozzle cleans uneven floor surfaces including tile with grout lines and natural stone.

Wessel-Werk D300 Turn & Clean Floor Brush

The castle cut bristle set with its alternating cut-outs support the brush and regulates airflow though the nozzle for excellent performance without suction sealing against the floor, even with hi-flow vacuum systems. The mixed density bristle set wraps the entire perimeter of the D330 for effective cleaning in every direction and effective edge cleaning without "bull-dozing" the dirt in front or behind the nozzle.

A larger cut-out pattern on the front bristle set allows in larger debris while a smaller opening in the rear bristle set provides more surface contact to catch small objects passing under the nozzle. The forward-swept nozzle housing configuration puts more bristle at the front of the cleaning path for reaching into corners.

The forward sweep design also allowed for a minimum bristle set-back (distance of the bristle to the outside edge of the nozzle) which allows the row of bristle to sit nearly flush with the nozzle housing. When the nozzle meets the wall or baseboard so does the brush. A special low cut opening at the forward corner on each side of the D330 increases airflow velocity to pull dirt and soils from corners. The nozzle body's low profile will allow for easy cleaning under furniture and the toe-kick space in cabinets. When you use the Turn & Clean floor brush, dirt and dust will have no place to hide.

Wessel-Werk D300 Turn & Clean Floor Brush The unique swivel pivot connection keeps the nozzle flat to the floor in every direction and adjusts to the height of every user so the full performance of your vacuum system is delivered directly to the floor. With the airflow of the vacuum correctly focused on the floor the D330's bristles cover the entire cleaning path in each pass. The D330 works by suctioning large particles from the floor and bumping (pushing-brushing-sweeping) small particles which can not be removed by suction alone or have electrostatically clung to the surface, such as fine dust. The Turn & Clean floor brush leaves nothing behind and does not require multiple passes to clean effectively.

Wessel-Werk D300 Turn & Clean Floor Brush Calm Cleaning Easily Achieved
Like other Wessel-Werk cleaning nozzles the D330 operates with very low noise and low weight. Each Wessel-Werk nozzle design is processed first through a virtual environment, then a real life acoustics lab where noises can be tuned out of the final design which further reduces the "chore" of the cleaning task. The D330 Turn & Clean floor brush is more than 3 times quieter than our standard 12" hard floor brush.

Where the D330 produced a 68.7dBc noise level at a distance of 5 feet (the shortest distance from floor nozzle to the operators ears), the standard 12" hard floor brush outputs a level of 78.5dBc. Where standard floor nozzles do nothing to reduce noise and often operate so loudly that you can barely hear yourself think, the D330 provides smooth airflow for calm cleaning. The pleasure of using such an efficient cleaning tool will not be spoiled by an annoying whistle or excessive airflow sounds.

Our most popular 12" hard floor brush weights 10.5 ounces. The D330, including the wider 13" cleaning path weighs only 9.6 ounces. Because the D330 is an engineered mono-body built-up design, Wessel-Werk eliminates the extra weight while providing more maneuverability and function than regular floor brushes. Thanks to the unique bristle set arrangement and swivel pivot connector the Turn & Clean is simple to use and requires less hand strength to clean with than standard floor nozzles for less wrist fatigue. The D330 floats on most hard floors and is very easy to steer from the handle using a natural cleaning motion. The D330 also has a tough side. The nozzle body is moulded from polypropylene for a nearly indestructible chassis that will not mark or mar walls, baseboards or furniture.

Wessel-Werk's D330 Turn & Clean nozzle is both functional and practical. It is an excellent cleaning tool that will be useful in every home with any hard floor surface, commercial-residential cleaning applications and commercial office/retail cleaning. The hard floor cleaning brush has stayed much the same for the last 100 years and a change has been long overdue. No matter what type of hard floor you need to vacuum the high agility Turn & Clean floor brush will perform better and faster than any other floor tool. Add the D330 Turn & Clean floor brush to your canister, backpack or central vacuum system - or get the D330 as part of many Vacdepot custom central vacuum attachment sets and backpack vacuum cleaners.

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D330 Turn & Clean Hard Floor Brush, sold 1 each. 32mm (1.25") friction fit, black color.


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