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Wessel-Werk EBK340QDCW
Premium Power Brush & Wand

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Wessel-Werk Premium Power Brush & Wand
Wessel-Werk EBK340QDCW is an excellent powerbrush wand combo for replacement of older worn or broken power nozzles. This replacement power brush is sold as a set with matching wand, but does not include any other vacuum attachment or vacuum hose. This powerbrush must be used with a plastiflex type gas pump or pistol grip hose. The wand to hose connector will not fit other brands of hose. If you need a universal 2-wire corded powerbrush for use with other hose types, please see the Wessel-Werk EBK340CNL. The Wessel-Werk EBK340 power brush is available in a full central vacuum attachment set in the Aspria CV6855 Premium model with wands and hose. The Wessel_werk EBK340QDC power brush is designed for vacuuming residential carpeting and includes a 90 day residential use warranty. Item EBK340QDCW includes both power brush (black in color) and corded telescopic chromed steel wand.

Wessel-Werk EBK340QDC The common term "German Engineering" is only common because Germans know how to engineer like the Swiss know how to build a watch. The EBK340-QDC Power Brush is everything we have come to expect from the minds of German engineers at Wessel-Werk, surpassing both functionality and styling of the domestic power brush fare. The Wessel-Werk EBK340-QDC has been in use for over a dozen different nameplates of canister and central vacuums both foreign and domestic for over 6 years.

There are many special components that lend themselves to the EBK340-QDC's phenomenal cleaning ability. Perhaps most importantly, the EBK340-QDC uses the most reliable power transmission system in use today: the Geared Belt Drive. Transferring the full power of the brush motor to the spinning brush (and furthermore to your carpets) is what sets this power brush apart from the others.

The geared belt (sometimes called "cogged" or "toothed", colored red in the photo below) far surpasses traditional flat belt products because it does not rely on the stored tension of rubber to transfer the motor's power to the brush roll. Both motor and brush roll are geared and matched to the belt, which provides tensionless power to the roller for faster speed, consistent motion and the highest reliability for cleaner carpets with less effort.

Wessel-Werk EBK340QDC Spinning the brush fast is one of the most important factors of power brush carpet cleaning. Faster brushes increase the bristle contact to the carpet fibers for better brushing action. It also increases agitation to bring embedded soil to the surface, at the same time creating an auger action that reduces the tendency to spatter, unlike slower brushes that tend to spread dirt around before it can be pulled into the vacuum's air stream.

This single feature and benefit is so important we have devoted an entire article to the subject along with a in-depth look inside the EBK340-QDC, see the article EBK340-QDC: GEARED AGAINST THE MACHINE.

Never Fail Belt System
If you have ever used a vacuum for any amount of time you will have most likely also replaced its belt, probably more than once, and perhaps several times. Most vacuums and power brushes use a flat belt made of rubber. The geared drive system of the EBK340-QDC uses a fiberglass reinforced toothed belt similar to that of an automotive timing belt with embedded fiberglass strands for superior strength.

The geared belt of the EBK340-QDC is also the widest we have seen in a vacuum power brush and will last for many years, most likely never requiring replacement with normal use. Driven by a powerful full size brush motor with lifetime lubricated ball bearing shaft, the EBK340-QDC comes ready to work. The entire geared belt drive system is protected with a patented motor protection integrated circuit that will detect any problem in the brush before it can cause damage and will shut power off to the nozzle. No longer does vacuuming up the dog's chew toy mean you have to drop everything and run to the vacuum store for a new belt.

With the EBK340-QDC you need only remove the obstruction, plug in your vacuum and start cleaning again. Equipped with two top mounted LED indicator lights you will always know when your brush is operating correctly as with a green indicator, or when the brush action has stopped as signaled by a red light.

With some older vacuums the brush roller belt runs in "dirty air", the same path where vacuumed debris travels to the bag. The EBK340-QDC's belt rides in its own clean path, away from paper clips and staples. And because the geared belt system does not rely on large flat surface contact to drive the brush you have more space under the nozzle for cleaning brushes, plus better edge cleaning on both sides.

Wessel-Werk EBK340QDC The EBK340-QDC also gives us many other great features including the auger bristle arrangement that brings the dirt and debris to the center of the nozzle where it is pulled into the wide throat. Developed in an airflow testing facility, the EBK340-QDC's airflow dispersal pattern guided by a unique housing design applies even and consistent suction across the entire cleaning path.

The EBK340-QDC has other features that directly effect the use of the nozzle including the full tilt/swivel QDC connector. Allowing for a full range of motion, the nozzle connector will tilt completely back to the floor and swivel fully from left to right, allowing easy nozzle driving by the user. The nozzle connector locks into the upright position for quick parking while in use, so you can easily pause your cleaning to answer the door or move an object from your cleaning path.

Wessel-Werk EBK340QDC The parking feature also stops the power brush automatically, restarting again when the handle is released into the normal cleaning position. The EBK340-QDC is also wrapped in a full non-marring bumper to protect both the nozzle and your furniture without leaving marks on your baseboards.

The nozzle's bottom plate is equipped with four independent wheels. Two front "helper" wheels assist in transferring the nozzle from one surface to another, easily navigating transitions including thresholds. Set on independent and lubricated steel axles the rear wheels are over-width for smooth movement on even the thickest of pile carpeting. Differing from other nozzles, the EBK340-QDC rear wheels and axles are connected together and rotate within the nozzle's main body, similar to the rear wheels of an automobile.

No more squeaky wheels, no wheels "snapping off" their plastic mounts. Furthermore the bottom plate is void of floor damaging protrusions with all metal screw heads recessed and wheels that are covered with a soft vinyl tread. The EBK340-QDC is well at home on hard surfaces too and great for vacuuming mattresses to remove dust mites safely and easily. Wessel-Werk EBK340QDC

Leave it to Wessel-Werk to enhance every part of the Power Brush, even the headlight. Overlooked by other manufacturers, a vacuum systems headlight can be a source of frustration for many. With a headlight on the power brush you can see the path ahead and illuminate dark areas such as under beds and behind doors or in closets - avoiding objects on the floor and shining light on spots that need to be cleaned. While other power brushes still use a regular glass bulb with a thin filament that burns out the first time the vacuums nozzle is bumped too hard, Wessel-Werk use a fluorescent bulb that burns bright and is not subject to stress breaks. The florescent element also lasts much longer than regular bulbs and generates less heat during use. While not as critical as motor or belt design the fluorescent bulb is a welcomed advantage in the EBK340-QDC.

The EBK340-QDC is constructed with precision components, which are balanced for vibration and noise, lending to quiet use of a central cleaning system. Even the power brush body is balanced for truly straight tracking and the wide 13.5" (340mm) cleaning path remains highly mobile thanks to the full tilt, swivel connector. The EBK340-QDC is an outstanding asset for any CVS system, and will greatly increase the carpet cleaning performance of both new and older CV Systems.

Premium Central Vacuum Attachment Group Wessel-Werk CV6855 Telescopic Steel Wand with Cord Management
The new double action Myraton Telescopic Wand with QDC (Quick Disconnect) provides effortless attachment and adjustment of the power brush for carpet cleaning. Through a easy to use thumb operated button the chromed steel wand can be adjusted for any sized user, extending from 24.5" - 38.75".

The new Myraton QDC tele-wand has incredibly smooth slide action. The new latching mechanism gives a firm lock that does not slip and is easy to set. The new adjustable wand also has a redesigned interior that is smooth to reduce debris snags and increase airflow. Sealed from the dirt and dust passing through the wand itself, the telescopic action is completely maintenance free.

The ultimate in power brush convenience, the Myraton telescopic wand features a quick disconnect system that enables you to easily remove the power brush from the system. In this QDC system the cord remains with the wand where connectors on each end allow it to be unplugged from the power brush at the bottom or from the hose grip at the top. This allows you to switch cleaning tools from any connector without having to unplug cords or remove connectors.

Wessel-Werk EBK340QDC Using the QDC System is simple. The EBK340-QDC has a receiver engineered into its swivel connector. The Myraton Wand has the built on cord with its mating connector held in place. When you insert the wand into the power brush the system makes the connection of the plug and locks them together. To release the wand you step on the foot tab of the power brush and the power plug is disconnected from its socket and the wand is released from the EBK340-QDC. Without bending or stooping you can easily change the cleaning tool from power brush to floor brush - then to crevice nozzle and back to power brush in just seconds - without latches, buttons or plugs.

The lower "stationary" part of the wand system includes the more reliable rivet down steel lock pin that works with the QDC to keep the wand engaged into the EBK340-QDC power brush. The QDC connector is mounted to the wand and two soft nylon cord keepers come preinstalled with the coiled power cord on the wand. The upper section of the power nozzle cord is a stretch type coil, similar to a telephone handset cord, providing tension while in the cleaning position.

The top of the telescopic wand includes an easy release tab (called a thumb saver) to quickly disengage the hose from the wand and a small crease at the top of the extension tube that centers and lowers the hose button lock for easy attachment. The back of the upper wand holds the permanently riveted Plastiflex Cord Management connector. This cord connection collar holds the coiled power cord in a ready-mounted position for quick connection to the hose grip.

Simply attach the hose to the wand and the power nozzle's cord is automatically plugged in for you. Pushing the release tab on the front of the wand lets you quickly detach the wand from the hose, no fiddling with a cord plug. A feature highly prized by central vacuumer's, the quick attach cord management system makes changing from one tool to another at the hose grip fast and easy.

EBK340QDCW includes wand and powerbrush.
Hose and tools sold separately.
Requires Plastiflex Hose assembly.


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