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Cen-Tec Systems® Stainless 5G Wet/Dry Interceptor & Tool Kit
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Wessel-Werk RD270P
Combination Floor Nozzle w/Felt Pad

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Wessel-Werk Combination Floor Nozzle w/Felt Pad
Available for a limited time the RD270P Combination rug/floor nozzle with felt pad can be used with a canister, backpack or central vacuum system using standard 1.25" tool connections. The RD270P is unique among floor nozzles and offers unmatched performance on most hard floor surfaces. The RD270P, like the RD294 combination nozzle is also unmatched in maneuverability with a full 360° swivel articulating joint that keeps the tool on the floor at nearly any operator angle. Of course the RD270P excels at combination cleaning which allows you to move from carpeting and rugs to hard floor covers with the simple flip of a toe operated pedal.

Step the pedal back and the RD270P lowers a full width castle cut bristle set in the front and a full width commercial quality felt pad in the back. The two hard floor cleaning implements focus on removing debris from your floor. Along with the vacuum suction the bristles help larger particles to be pulled into the nozzle. The felt pad also helps particles become entrapped in the vacuum suction and polish fine dust from hard floor surfaces at the same time. Between the brush set, felt pad and your vacuums airflow - nothing escapes a pass of the RD270P. Move the pedal forward and the hard floor implements are retracted upward and the floor tool is lowered onto it's base plate which is designed to clean rugs and carpets.

Wessel-Werk Vacuum Nozzle, RD270P Combo Floor Nozzle with Felt Pad Utilizing high suction that is evenly applied to the floor by the unique design of the tool, a large centered opening allows for maximum airflow through the tool directly to the surface. This suction is carried to the edges with deep "V" shaped grooves, ensuring constant airflow for any texture of soft flooring. Suction is brought to each side of the tool to allow for excellent edge cleaning for both rugs and hard floors. To vacuum clingy soils from rugs and carpets, including hair and fur, the RD270P employs two directional thread lifters. Each red strip cleans in one direction and release the debris into the airflow in the other direction, self cleaning on each pass as you vacuum. The thread lifters allow you to scrub trouble spots on rugs that hold clingy soils.

Wessel-Werk Vacuum Nozzle, RD270P Combo Floor Nozzle with Felt Pad At the center of design for the RD270P is the large convex roller wheel. This soft textured wheel is important to both functions of the tool; making it easy to glide on hard floors - using its convex shape to track straight and keep the brush from "digging in". With the convex mono-wheel centered just under the articulating joint the RD270P transfers your forward motion directly to movement across the floor. With this design you are not fighting and laboring against the tool to clean your floors, you simply point and push the tool in the direction you want it to go and the nozzle easily moves there.

The RD270P is excellent for all types of soft floors including area rugs, carpeting and walk-off matts. The hard floor cleaning with felt pad works on all floor types including tile, laminate, wood and vinyl though we would not recommend it for unsealed wood including decks. The RD270P fits the domestic standard 1.25" (32mm) friction fit wands. The RD270P is manufactured in Germany and built largely from polypropylene with metal support plates for the hard floor implements. It is exceptionally durable and the front bristle set can be modified for special cleaning considerations. Sold 1 each, black in color. Limit of 2 per household. No backorders.


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