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Wessel-Werk RD294
Combination Rug/Floor Nozzle

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This item is no longer available.  

Wessel-Werk Combination Rug/Floor Nozzle
The Wessel-Werk RD294 has been superseded by the RD295 multi-floor nozzle.

Our best multi-surface combination floor tool for backpack, central and canister vacuums. The RD294 is adjustable and built for use on all textile and hard floor coverings having a cleaning width of 11.5 inches. Using this tool on your canister vacuum will allow you to clean carpets, rugs and throw rugs of any type utilizing the high suction of the vacuum that is evenly applied to the floor by the unique design of the tool. A large centered opening allows for maximum airflow through the tool directly to the surface. This suction is carried to the edges with deep "V" shaped grooves, ensuring constant airflow for any texture of soft flooring. There are also two independent liter pickers on the cleaning surface to help capture threads or lint that may be stuck in the carpet. Wessel-Werk RD294 Floor Tool

Using the tool on hard floors requires you to only move the toe operated switch, releasing the hard floor engaging bristles. The polypropylene bristles are strong enough to clean any hard floor surface from tile, wood, linoleum, and down to concrete. The bristles are packed tight to give the tool a firm base and are even wrapped on the side of the tool, not just front and back. The bristles on this brush are scallop cut with slots on the brush surface to let dirt into the airpath of the vacuum, not knocked along front of the brush like a broom.

The great design of the tool makes it easy to use. Wessel has also engineered many labor saving features into the tool as well. At the center of design for the RD294 is the large centered roller wheel. This soft texture wheel is important to both functions of the tool; making it easy to glide on hard floors - using its convex shape to track straight and keep the brush from "digging in".

And for use on carpet it transfers your forward motion directly to the floor so you do not have to fight the resistance from the bottom plate to the surface. The RD294 also has a full swivel, triple action joint making this tool the most flexible available and ensures optimum contact with the floor from any angle. Finally the top mounted toe switch is large and textured with grips that make it easy to use.

Wessel-Werk RD294 Floor Tool The RD294 not only looks beautiful (we have seen many floor tools in our time, this one IS beautiful!), but is also built strong. The outer housing is durable polypropylene with a textured surface that wont mar your walls and cabinets. The base plate is nickel plated steel with recessed screw heads that wont damage floors. The ruggedness of the design has been recognized by many vacuum manufacturers as well, including commercial vacuum makers who include the RD294 on their new cleaners.

The RD294 is a wide floor tool built for cleaning any floor surface with ease. It is black in color with metal base plate and black bristles. The connection is standard 1.25" (32MM) friction fitting for most domestic vacuum cleaners. Made in Germany. Sold 1 each.


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