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Wessel-Werk TK284
Turbo Floor Nozzle

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Wessel-Werk Turbo Floor Nozzle
The Wessel-Werk TK284 Turbo Floor Nozzle is a highly effective tool when used in connection with a quality canister, central or backpack vacuum. An alternative to electrically driven power brushes the turbo floor nozzle uses the incoming vacuumed air pulled over a turbine system to turn the brush though a geared belt drive. The TK284 turbo floor nozzle is a great choice for systems that do not have electric power nozzles, replacing older turbo nozzles or adding to a system with no carpet nozzle. The TK284 provides brushing and sweeping action to clean carpets and rugs faster and more effectively than straight suction tools in a lightweight design that is easy to use and can also clean hard floors.

Wessel-Werk Vacuum Nozzle, TK280 Turbo Floor Nozzle Of a unique design, the Wessel-Werk Turbo Floor Nozzle is actually effective on both rugs and hard floors. The all-purpose design includes four soft roller wheels and PVC air control wiper blade that allows scratch free use on even delicate floors. If you need a turbo carpet brush without hard floor cleaning see the Wessel-Werk TT270, also linked in the similar items tab. On carpeted surfaces the brush roller provides gentle grooming action that moves fibers and spreads them apart allowing the suction to penetrate deeper into the carpet. The spinning brush also provide a sweeping action that quickly and efficiently moves debris into the suction inlet where it is carried into the vacuum system.

The TK284 offers sleek and curvaceous styling of other Wessel-Werk tools with a very low profile and short depth that is easy to maneuver around obstacles on the floor such as chairs, tables legs and kitchen cabinets. The nozzles connector provides both a full tilt and 360° swivel connection known as a double swivel. The double swivel lets you put the tool in hard to reach areas where the dirt is and gives you unlimited control of the lightweight nozzle. The full tilt lets the nozzle stay flat against the floor for maximum performance regardless of the users height or the angle at which they hold the vacuums hose and wand.

Wessel-Werk Vacuum Nozzle, TK280 Turbo Floor Nozzle The TK284 is auto height adjusting and the brush roller floats within the nozzle housing to maintain high speed on the various thickness levels of carpet nap. Powerful and through brushing action are thanks to an efficient turbine drive. A double fin offset row of blades insures consistent performance at all levels of airflow. The brushes turbine is suspended on bearings to give a smooth transfer of power to the belt. The belt is geared and offers a positive drive without tension.

The geared belt is also centered in the nozzle and enclosed to prevent debris from becoming entangled in the drive system. The receiving belt connection on the brush roller transmits the power of the turbine to the revolving brush which measures 284 mm, with a full nozzle width of 300mm, or about 12 inches. The brush roller is fitted with softer nylon bristles that are arranged in a convergent double-V shape. This unique layout of the bristles provides augured movement of the debris along the nozzle from either side to the center mounted ported intake. The entire brush roller assembly is seated on leaf spring mounts that provides firm but giving application of the roller to the floor. Able to flex and respond to the surface being cleaned, the Turbo Floor Nozzle keeps the roller spinning at high RPM's to provide surface agitation. The bottom of the Turbo Floor Nozzle has four seated wheels.

Wessel-Werk Vacuum Nozzle, TK280 Turbo Floor Nozzle The two front wheels are for easy transition from one surface to another and easy movement over thresholds. The larger rear wheels provide transition of the users forward movement though the tool so the bottom of the nozzle does not drag on the floor causing resistance and increasing the effort required to clean. The front and rear wheels both have softer rubberized treads to protect hard floors and give good tracking. Both wheel sets also run on chromed steel axels for long wear and durability. Using the Wessel-Werk Turbo Floor Nozzle transforms a standard straight suction vacuum for hard floors to a machine capable of caring for small areas of carpets and throw rugs, even for homes with pets and their sometimes troublesome clingy fur.  

The TK284 is a standard friction fitting 32mm (1.25") connection. This tool fits most standard domestic vacuum systems with friction fitting tools. Sold 1 each, black in color.


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