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Select Powerteam Kit w/30ft Hose
Aggresor Vacuums® Select Powerteam Kit w/30ft Hose
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Beam 30ft CVS Hose W/Square Tool Connection

30ft CVS Hose W/Square Tool Connection


Wessel-Werk UDB174-N
Universal Dusting Brush - Natural Fill

MSRP $14.99 Our Price $12.99  (Save 13% off MSRP)
Wessel-Werk Universal Dusting Brush - Natural Fill
Now with Natural Fill Bristles!
The Ultimate dusting brush from Wessel is an indispensable tool in any cleaning arsenal. If you use your vacuum to clean above the floor or other utility work, a dusting brush is often the tool you will use. Unfortunately the dusting brush included with most vacuum cleaners is tool small to be used efficiently, has an inconvenient design or shape and may have bristles that are too short or made of material that is inflexible; leaving dust behind on the surface being cleaned.

With one tool, Wessel Werk has addressed all the deficiencies of regular dusting brushes. The cleaning face has been shaped for the way people clean, not designed just so it can be stored within a pre-fabricated slot on the back of a vacuum. Released from the constraint of building a tool for one type of vacuum, the Uni-DB (Universal Dusting Brush) has a five inch cleaning depth with a 1.5 inch protected opening.

The elongated service end of the tool has nearly twice the cleaning area of standard dusting brushes letting the user do more work in a single pass. The top of the Uni-DB is also tapered and bristles are swept forward letting you clean into corners and reach areas inaccessible to other tools; and the suction opening is tapered so suction is evenly distributed the whole length of the tool.

As a true dusting brush, this tool is defined by its' bristles. Unlike upholstery type brushes the Uni-DB has long, softer natural fill bristles.

There are 68 individual tufts mounted in a double offset row to the chassis with raised connectors to hold the bristles securely to the tool. The soft bristles are longer to flex as the tool passes over the object being cleaned, using stored tension in the bending bristle to knock dust particles off the surface and into the air stream. Spacing between the tuft mounts allows for easy cleaning of the tool itself. Removing threads or hair caught in the bristles is simple to do and keeps your tool working with optimum performance. The natural bristles and heavy duty housing are also water washable and fit easily in the top rack of your dishwasher.

The Uni-DB outer housing is a single piece of injection molded polypropylene, a soft high density plastic that is nearly indestructible. The base of the tool is 4 inches long, easy for griping when using on a vacuum hose with no grip itself. The flat design of the Uni-DB lets you use this tool in many places where normal brushes will not fit or can not reach. A standard friction fitting 1.25" (32MM) machine end enables this tool to be used on most central vacuum and portable domestic vacuum cleaners (Hoover, Eureka, Oreck, etc.)

Made in Germany. Black in color with black bristles. Sold 1 each.


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