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Eco Pro®
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Adjustable Power Nozzle & Wand
Wessel-Werk® Adjustable Power Nozzle & Wand
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Eco Pro®EP14018
Pet Brush Nozzle
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Eco Pro Pet Brush Nozzle
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The standard pet brush is a great attachment for dog owners of small, medium and even large pooches with short, medium and even long fur. The standard pet brush is made entirely of soft vinyl with a standard 1.25" connection that works with most vacuum cleaners and central vacuum systems.

The standard pet brush has no "bristles" like regular dusting brushes, but has a circular row of short and soft tynes more similar to a traditional curry comb. The soft grooming tynes are made also of vinyl and flex easily. The standard pet brush has a cleaning face of 2.5" and the bristles are removable. The entire tool is water washable and easy to disinfect if needed.

The standard pet brush is a good tool for general vacuuming of most dogs. While we do not expect any cat would sit still for vacuuming, there is no other reason you couldn't use the pet brush on kitties too. We found the tool worked good on all of our dogs from 45lbs - 88lbs with short (greyhound mix) to medium (rottweiler) to longer straight (sheppard-chow mix) fur. If the fur was longer than an average chow or was curly or wavy it may be harder to use this tool. It also helps a great deal to either be using a central vacuum system or portable with a longer hose and definitely suction control. The smaller, softer cleaning face with high suction would just stick right to the dogs and make it hard to push through their fur.

Vacdepot also stocks the Wessel-Werk Curry Comb large pet brush for giant breed dogs (90lbs +), horses, ponies, lamas, alpacas, etc..

Sold 1 each, black in color with white bristle set.


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