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Universal Wireless Vacuum System Controller

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Eco Pro Universal Wireless Vacuum System Controller
A wireless low voltage controller for replacing a damaged or non-existent wired central vacuum low voltage circuit. The Universal RF wireless controller includes a receiver to mount near the vacuum power unit and a handheld key-fob style transmitter. The transmitter has two buttons to either activate the vacuum power unit or shut it down. The receiver has two cords, one to connect to a standard 110V power outlet, the other to connect to your vacuum systems low-volt circuit. When activated by the hand held key-fob remote the receiver will close the low voltage circuit which activates the power unit. When deactivated the receiver will open the circuit (disconnect) and turn off the vacuum power unit. The receiver has a single LED power light to let you know when it is powered up and will change color when the receivers circuit is closed (power unit activated) for easy testing. The hand held transmitter has two buttons and a single LED that lights when either button is pushed and the unit is transmitting. The Universal Wireless Controller can be used in conjunction with an existing hard wire circuit or to replace an inoperable circuit.

This universal wireless controller can work with any central vacuum system to replace standard low voltage wiring system in the home. The wireless controller can also be used as a substitute for the Hide-A-Hose wireless system using a standard hose handle. A wireless controller can not replace a defective power unit relay - the vacuums relay must be working to be used with the Universal Wireless Controller.

The wireless controller is used most often in applications where the existing low voltage wiring has become inoperable and is not easily repairable. The RF wireless controller is also used in expansion applications where low-volt wiring is not run with the tube system. The RF wireless system is dependable though we always recommend that any new system be fully installed with low voltage wiring.

The Universal Wireless Controller operates at 315Mhz and has a stated interior range of 125ft - 150ft. Like all radio transmitters the wireless range will be limited by metal in the structure and other wireless frequencies used on site. Our own testing found the system operated reliably in every test application up to 75ft, beyond which depended on the local environment. When operated in a clear line of sight the transmitter has a range up to 300ft. The receiver has an automatic shutoff that will deactivate the circuit after 30 minutes.

The receiver has a 5ft 120V power cord and a 4ft 18/2 low volt control wire with a snap connector attached. If your vacuum system does not have a snap connector attachment you can remove the connector and strip the wires back or attach your own connector as needed for your system. The receiver comes with double sided tape attached for mounting as well as two screw tabs for more secure mounting. In most applications you will want to mount the receiver a few feet away from the power unit to eliminate any possible interference from the vacuum motor though in our testing we did not have any issues even when the receiver was attached directly to the vacuum body.

The transmitter may come in various colors but always includes a handy clip and a slide door that covers the buttons and prevents them from being accidentally activated. A telescopic transmitter antenna is attached to the key-fob remote however in our interior testing it did not seem to change the stated performance. The transmitter runs on a replaceable long life 12 volt model 23A alkaline battery which seems to be the source of the transmitters great performance.

The receiver can easily handle any central vacuum controller, most of which operate at 24VAC and 500ma or less. The RFX Wireless Controller would also be a great kit/project component for many control applications. When used with a CVAC controller card you can control power circuits up to 120V/15A.

Sold 1 set each. Each set contains (1) receiver and (1) key-fob transmitter with battery and instruction sheet. The Universal controller set is manufactured in China for DustCare corporation (now ESSCO Vacuum) and includes a 1 year manufacturers warranty. Please note: the receiver includes an attached connector. This connector may need to be modified or removed to operate with your system.


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