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Swiffer Ready Vacuum Floor Brush
MSRP $49.99 Our Reg. Price $39.99
Sale Price $24.99  (Save 50% off MSRP)
Wessel-Werk Swiffer Ready Vacuum Floor Brush
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Vacuum & dust your floors in one easy step with the Swiffer© Ready DS-308 universal vacuum brush from Wessel-Werk. Now you can use the power of your central vacuum system with your favourite disposable floor dusting pads to deep clean wood, tile, laminate and vinyl flooring. The DS-308 can be used with Swiffer©, Ready-Mop©, and other brands of disposable floor dusting pads for both dry and damp cleaning. The DS-308 cleaning nozzle improves the cleaning performance of disposable pads and extends their useful life. The DS-308 provides a large 12" cleaning path with a 3.5" foam pad base, two suction channels to remove large debris and two rows of bristle. The Swiffer© Ready floor nozzle fits all standard central cleaning systems and most portable vacuums with a 1.25" (32mm) friction fit connection.

The DS-308 uses a tilting nozzle connector with a full 360° swivel neck which allows you to steer the floor tool. The low profile 2" height allows for easy cleaning under toe-kick areas and the standard 12" width lets you clean easily around furniture like chairs and tables. A large step-on pedal unlocks the pad holder which has four push-through pad holders on the top. Two full length bristle sets front and back help clean debris in uneven areas like tile grout lines where normal mops can't reach. The front bristle set has a centered knock-out that allows you to vacuum larger debris like dried mud or breakfast cereal. Vacuum suction is focused in channels front and back for cleaning in all directions. With your vacuum system removing most debris the cleaning pad removes fine dust and stuck-on debris while you clean.

Do more than just vacuum, deep clean your floors with the DS-308 floor cleaning nozzle. For enhanced cleaning of sticky messes you can use the Swiffer© Ready floor nozzle with your favourite disposable damp cleaning cloth. Deep cleaning you floor in one easy step with the DS-308 Swiffer© Ready vacuum floor brush.

Sold 1 each. Standard 1.25" friction fit wand connection. Disposable cleaning pads not included.
Not for vacuuming wet floors


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